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Oh Young-Hwa


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About Oh


1 January 1953

Place of Birth:

South Korea

Oh’s Filmography

Executive producer. Ha In-young has suffered for years under her husband, Kang Suk-wu. He's kept her captive with his loss of humanity and sexual depravation. In-young yearns for an unknown world. One day, In-young meets Min Byung-gu but Byung-gu leaves her. In-young leaves her husband and even her young daughter Ha-mi. Ha-mi searches madly for her mother. Chairman Kang, Suk-wu's father, understands why his daughter-in-law has run away. Suk-wu anguishes over the actions of his father and daughter. Suk-wu regains his sexual masculinity which he had lost for years. He forgives In-young and receives her again.

Executive producer. On the first full moon of January, in the town of Ha-pyung, there is a festival going on in the yard of Shin Chi-gyu, the town's biggest landowner. They are playing yut, a game of throwing four short sticks. The winner of the game is Ok-bun's husband, Lee Bang-won. Having no money, Ok-bun and Bang-won had been tenant farmers on Chi-gyu's land. With their winnings, they try to start their own business. Chi-gyu had always been drawn to Ok-bun. When Bang-won leaves, Chi-gyu comes on strong to Ok-bun. Ok-bun waits eagerly for her husband's return but Bang-won has failed in his business and returns a pauper. As their dreams go up in smoke, Ok-bun falls into deep despair.

Executive producer. After witnessing the brutal murder of his mother, Ma-ryong grows up intent on revenge and sets out to become a master of martial arts. When Ma-ryong kills his mother’s murderer, Il-pyung, the son of Ma-ryong’s enemy, seeks a master to learn how to fight. Ma-ryong and Il-pyung form a bond as master and apprentice leading to an inevitable showdown.

Executive producer. Young-Shik, a playboy, loves Ok-Ju, a business owner's daughter on purpose. One day he is bashed and taken to a mountain villa while he is taking a walk near a hotel. The villa's owner Jin-Ho was a vet doctor but now he leads a life with anatomizing animals after he is injured in his leg. One day a woman who wears wedding veil comes to Young-Shik and asks him to go back to his first love Mi-Ra. As the mysterious woman faces with Ok-Ju, she kills Ok-Ju. On his departure day, Young-Shik goes to Jin-Ho and hears from him the woman in veil is Mi-Ra who is troubled with her burnt scald of face and committed suicide letting him go. He trembles in sufferings.

Executive producer. Yeon-ha is charged with adultery by her husband, but as events of her unhappy and violent marriage are revealed, the court comes to sympathize with her.

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