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Pécsi Ildikó


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About Pécsi


21 May 1940

Place of Birth:

Polgár, Hungary

Pécsi’s Filmography

As pani Riečanová. A story of a family that after WWII moved to the south of Slovakia and acquired a prosperous butcher business left behind by a Hungarian emigrant. From the previous owner, the family also inherited a self-assured, greedy assistant who does not like to observe any firm moral principles. He assists the family in gaining wealth but in the long run, he causes the family's moral dissolution. In his most successful feature film, director Zoro Záhon combined a complex drama with excellent acting performances, especially that of Hungarian actor Gábor Koncz in the lead role.

Executive producer. The two main characters of this ironic account of the general condition of intellectuals are the charming psychologist, Korin György, and the unexpected. Korin starts a television series of people in their 40s. In the afternoon just after the first section, however, he is reported to be dead as a result of a rather strange accident. Everything turns upside down.

As Wesselényiné. When hunting, Zrínyi Miklós finds an Angel with a broken wing. He takes him for a heavenly message and carries him to his castle for cure. Lords and priests come to Zrínyi's court, one after the other, to see Angel. The occasion is appropriate for the ban to win them over to his plan: they should unite their forces to fight for the country's independence.

Executive producer. The subject-matter of this comedy is age-old: that of the schizophrenic soul. Papa would have liked boy twins years ago, but her wife gave birth to a single child weighing six kilograms. He would like to dampen his feeling of emptiness by having the boy registered both as Péter and Pál.

As Magda. Torday Géza, a new engineer arrives at the ammunition factory disguised as if manufacturing camping gears. His appearance upsets existing patterns. The director sells the products at a low price in the West. In the meantime diversionaries attempt to destroy the plant. It turns out that Torday is a man of the intelligence built in among the reconnaissance people, as is his childhood lover, Magda. Agents and policemen play the game.

As Irén. In Budapest in 1944; a watchmaker, a bookseller, and a carpenter are drinking in a bar with the owner when they are joined by a stranger. The watchmaker asks a hypothetical question that will change their lives.

As Klári. Gráci has been recently released from a reformatory school. His old gang would like to involve him in a new action, but he hesitates. His past record is bad enough already, and he would not like to get into new trouble.

As Rózsa, a cigánylány. During the Rákóczi's War of Independence in South Baranya, in Vienna, Colonel Eberstein is assigned by the Council of Warriors to dispose of the Kuruc army operating in the vicinity of Siklós.

As Király Anna. A country family unbounds by the death of the head of family and they set off for a miners' town under construction, just like their forefathers, "to take the land". As an outpost, the eldest daughter, Anna is sent, who has a stormy past.

Executive producer. The romantic story takes place in the time of Napoleon in Hungary, near Fertő-lake. Count Vavel hides here the French heiress from the revolution and Napoleon.

As Rózsi. Baradla Géza, war criminal, returns after 25 years, with his ex-accomplice, Obrád Simon, to the village where he burned houses with people inside and executed partisans. The ex squad-leader is chased to this place by his "heroic deed" and the memory of his love. Like a maniac, he wants to forgive the village residents for having killed six of his soldiers.

As Padlizsánné. Kicsi Dániel, the young virtuoso pianist gets a separate apartment in the ten-storey block of flats. He rehearses all the time, irregularly, day and night, disturbing thus the peace of the dwellers in the thin-walled house. Inquisition begins in the name of equal rights for inhabitants.

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