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Petr Vršek


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About Petr


20 January 1977

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Petr’s Filmography

As Kryspín. Schmitke is an old German wind turbine engineer. One day, he is dispatched to the Czech side of the Ore Mountains to fix an old squeaking wind turbine. His colleague disappears and mysterious things begin to happen in the forest.

Executive producer. A man follows a group of workers coming for daywork in an industrial area. Soon, he’s stripped from his clothes and identity, dressed in a military uniform and armed. His determination not to fall behind the others is then tested by a series of unsettling events.

Executive producer. Jane is about to have a beautiful weekend in the mountains with her boyfriend – at least, that’s what she thinks. But instead of her boyfriend, three uninvited guests show up at her doorstep, and they’re not going away. It’s getting dark, a contest begins, and Jane happens to be the grand prize. There’s only one person who can help her.

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