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As le patron de l'hôtel. Lucien Bourrache, a good looking non-commissioned officer at the Spahis, is used to charm many women. He met Madeleine Courtois at Cannes. She is beautiful and lives in luxury. He lends her a large amount of money, which she loses gambling. Then she drops him. But Lucien is now in love, and once demobilized, he goes to Paris to find her again. But he's not so sexy without his uniform, and Madeleine and him do not belong to the same milieu.

As Darnoval. Are these two tramps who come to pose for an advertising agency at Patrice Farfadou, the fashionable photographer, the Prince Andromache of Miremir and his faithful secretary Palmer? Who will find the key to the Enigma: The melancholic Hector, the youthful Geneviève, or the feverish Elyane?

Executive producer. Sophisticated romantic comedy of suspicious husbands, straying wives, handsome lovers, with various misunderstandings thrown in for good measure. (Including a gender-reversal of the old Pirandello plot twist from "The Late Mathias Pascal" of the protagonist changing identities after supposedly perishing in a train wreck.)

Executive producer. Comedy. A father whose looking for a suitable candidate for his daughter ends up having a mistress and tigers prowling all around him.

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