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Pilar Brescia


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As Estela. The story of the 1987 aviation accident in which the members of soccer team Alianza Lima died. The film goes through some of the theories and tales around the tragedy which marked a defining moment in Peruvian soccer.

As Alexandra. Vanessa, a television reporter covering a story of a farmer attacked by his chickens, discovers that this is not an isolated incident. Travelling to Spain with her cameraman Peter, the two discover the survivors of a town wiped out by the birds thirty years ago. Meanwhile, attacks continue as a child's birthday party ends in tragedy and doves devour a poultry farmer and his wife. Vanessa soon comes to the conclusion that the birds are organizing themselves against the ecological ravages of man, but time is running out as thousands of birds launch an attack against a train Vanessa is traveling on.

As Pilar. A Peruvian teen lusts after his wild sister while the new wife of their difficult, wealthy father tries to hide her lower-class background.

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