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Polina Herman


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Place of Birth:

Yevpatoriia, Ukraine

Polina’s Filmography

Executive producer. Post-Soviet summer camp near Kyiv. Danya (16) prepares a special performance for the visit of his father, who is not living with him for a long time. However, Danya's father arrives earlier than expected and comes to the camp not alone.

Executive producer. The story is about a fourteen-year-old girl Lisa, who is forced to move with her parents to a small town by the sea because she inadvertently becomes a participant in the senseless death of a classmate due to a dangerous children's game. In the absence of like-minded friends, Lisa loses meaning and thirst for life, and later finds a friend on the social network under the strange nickname White Whale and decides to commit suicide with him as a challenge to the intolerance of their lives. Based on Anastasia Nikulina's novel Salt for the Sea, or the White Whale.

Executive producer. Kate is a young lonely mother. She falls in love with a fellow but does not have the courage to tell him that she has a son. As their relationship develops rapidly the revelation becomes more complicated. The choice between her personal life and responsibility for her son arises.

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