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Pompín Iglesias


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About Pompín


9 December 1926

Place of Birth:

Bogotá, Colombia

Pompín’s Filmography

Executive producer. The engineer José Luis, husband of the fichera and dancer Estrella Raleigh, dies in a plane crash. During the burial, Estrella discovers that her husband had another woman with whom he had a love relationship. However, the two women have been deceived since they are both married by the civilian to the same man. This they discover during the reading of the will, when they listen to a tape recorded by the now deceased José Luis, in which he explains the reasons for his infedility, simply due to his condition as a womanizing male.

Executive producer. Several couples are lured into becoming contestants in a dance marathon that awards a large cash prize to the couple still standing at the end of this grueling test of endurance.

Executive producer. Housekeeper inherits her employer's fortune, tries to enter into society and make a good match for her God-daughter.

As Policía (uncredited). To conquer the beautiful vedette Rosita, journalist Tin Tan is subject to her whims. Fired along with his friend Narciso from the newspaper they worked, Tin Tan trying to sell a movie plot. A woman looking to buy it and Tin Tan will visit her in a gloomy mansion where a mess is unleashed.

Executive producer. "Old dark house" comedy with a 'ranchera' setting, traveler stranded in a spooky place falls for a charro.

Executive producer. Two neighboring towns have a hostile relationship... but one town has a surplus of marriageable bachelors, and the other has too many young women to marry off locally, so both towns need to get over their damn selves. A hip young priest on a motorcycle is assigned to set things right between them.

As Sacerdote. Follows Diogenes as he goes about his day as a police officer. He's prone to do things the right way, surrounded by a pretty much corrupt & citizen distant police department, & always resolves his duties with a personal method.

As Candido. A group of would-be beneficiaries gather for the reading of a will, and discover that they must spend the night in a spooky castle to gain their inheritance. A spooky housekeeper and a man who seems to be a vampire are just two of the obstacles that might deter them.

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