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As Julia. The Iberian F.C. is a female football team makes a splash in the world of football, rather than their athletic skills, their physical attraction for the male audience. Each of the components of the whole suffers a different and peculiar relationship status, derived from its new sports.

As Lolita. We are in the town of Minglanillas. While the man arrives at the Moon, a group of friends observes in a bar on television the broadcast of the event. Pepe Fernández, one of the customers of the bar, says that with some money and a lot of dedication they can do the same. After discussing the issue, they decide to get down to work.

As Mujer de Benito. John is a rogue that convinces two friends to be trusted with your money, ensuring that you will place in Switzerland in very good condition, but his plan will encounter some difficulties.

Executive producer. Four mercenaries, employed by an African country, are responsible for negotiating a purchase of arms. They seize the sum planned for the negotiations and three of them flee to Spain after having abandoned the fourth in the bush. The latter manages to survive and then finds his accomplices who lead happy life ...

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