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About Rekha

Rekha undefined is a 68 years old female from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Rekha is most well known for acting, and has 127 known credits, of which 126 are movies, and 1 are TV shows.

Rekha ’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Rekha ’s movies you should definitely watch Gol Maal (1979), as with 8.2 it is the highest rated movie Rekha has worked on!

  1. Gol Maal (1979)
  2. Koi... Mil Gaya (2003)
  3. Om Shanti Om (2007)
  4. Bhoot (2003)
  5. Silsila (1981)

1. Gol Maal (1979 Movie)

The best rated movie Rekha has been a part of is the comedy movie Gol Maal, where they had the role of Self. It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.2 and 8.5 on IMDb .

2. Koi... Mil Gaya (2003)

Koi... Mil Gaya has a rating on Friendspire of 7.4 and 7.1 on IMDb . Rekha worked on this drama, science fiction, action movie as Sonia Mehra.

3. Om Shanti Om (2007)

In Om Shanti Om Rekha was worked as Toast the Knowing . This comedy, thriller, drama movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.1 and 6.7 on IMDb .

4. Bhoot (2003)

This horror movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 6.4 on IMDb . In Bhoot Rekha had the role of Sarita.

5. Silsila (1981)

Rekha was a part of the movie Silsila as Chandni. This drama, romance movie has a rating Friendspire of 7.0 and 7.2 on IMDb .

Rekha ’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Rekha ’s shows you should definitely watch Comedy Nights with Kapil (2013), as with 6.6 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. Comedy Nights with Kapil (2013)

1. Comedy Nights with Kapil (2013)

The comedy, talk show TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil has a rating Friendspire of 6.6 and 8.0 on IMDb . Rekha was Self in this show!

Frequently asked questions

When was Rekha born?

Rekha ’s birthday is on 10 October 1954 .

What is Rekha ’s gender?

Rekha is female.

Where was Rekha born?

Rekha was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

What is Rekha most known for?

Rekha is most known for acting. Rekha has worked on 126 movies and 1 TV shows.

What is Rekha ’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Gol Maal, which has a score of 8.2.

What is Rekha ’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Comedy Nights with Kapil, which has a score of 6.6.

Rekha’s Filmography

As Self, special appearance in "Deewangi Deewangi" (uncredited). Reincarnated 30 years after being killed in a suspicious on-set fire, a small-time actor is determined to punish the person who ignited the blaze.

As Sonia Mehra. In Singapore, Krishna is forced by circumstances to use his superpowers and become a masked superhero named Krrish, before getting drawn towards his lost legacy.

As Herself. A mute, aspiring actor joins forces with a man who has a powerful voice. Together they take the film industry by storm, but will their egos get in the way?

As Self. Comedy Nights with Kapil is a comedy show which provides a distinctive take on the everyday life of a common man as the show explores the story of every household and how our common man Kapil is affected by the simplest issues in life around him.

As Special Appearance. An upright Ayurveda practitioner is hounded by big pharma giants for his age-old formula called Vajra Kawach that cures everything from pimples to impotency. But how long can he keep this magic pill only for the poor?

As Sarita. A Mumbai businessman and his wife are looking for a new flat. Apartment 1201 has been vacant since its previous occupant jumped to her death. Undeterred, the couple still decides to move in, but before long, the wife starts to have visions.

As Rasa Devi. Tara and Maya are two inseparable friends in India. Their tastes, habits, and hobbies are the same. Years later, the two have matured, but have maintained their friendship. Tara gets married to the local prince, Raj Singh, who soon succeeds the throne as the sole heir. After the marriage, Raj gets bored of Tara and starts seeking another female to satisfy his sexual needs. He notices Maya and is instantly attracted to her. He has her included as one of his courtesans, and is intimate with her. Watch what happens when Tara finds out and the extent she will go to keep her marriage intact.

As Madam Maya. Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (English: Player of Players) is a 1996 Bollywood wrestling action thriller starring Rekha in her first villain role, Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon and former World Wrestling Federation wrestlers "Crush" and Brian Lee as "The Undertaker". It was one of the highest grossing movie of the year. It was the fourth installment in the Khiladi (film series).

As Saritaji. Some twenty years ago Sarita promised to raise her husband's love child (Shalu) together with their own daughter (Nimmi). The girls grow up as the best of friends but Sarita has never been able to forgive Shalu her background. It doesn't make it better when she sees Shalu getting close to the man Nimmi is also in love with.

As Moulin Rouge Singer. They fall in love before they know its meaning, Lolita, orphaned at an early age & Shekhar, who reaches out & gives her the security she craves.They share joys & sorrows through childhood & adolescence,unknown to them the relationship of an unspoken right they hold over eachother metamorphs into an intense love, they don't even sense coming. It Takes and outsider for them to realize their love.

As Chandni. Although orphaned at very young ages, Scriptwriter Amit and military pilot Shekhar are brothers and also very good friends. The latter is happily engaged to Shobha, while the former has just fallen in love with pretty, young Chandni. But tragedy strikes when Shekhar's plane is shot down in Kashmir. Amit feels it to be his obligation to leave the girl he loves and marry his brother's pregnant fiancée instead. But when, by an unexpected turn, Amit and the now also married Chandni meet again, their love for each other proves to be stronger than their marital vows.

As Shanno. When a police officer is framed for bribery by a criminal, his younger brother creates a secret identity for himself and poses as underworld figure Mr Natwarlal, determined to slowly but surely get revenge on his brother's behalf.

As Manju Dayal. Nirmala Gupta runs her household and family in a very strict and authoritarian manner. While most of her family resents this, they do obey her and carry out her instructions, so as to be on her good side. Things start to change after her second son gets married to Anju. Manju, Anju's sister, comes over to stay for a few days with the Gupta family, and is accepted by everyone except Nirmala. Nirmala's third son intends to marry Manju. But Manju does not like the manner in which his mom bosses everyone, and feels some changes are needed in the Gupta household

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