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As Archie Fenton. Tales from the Darkside is an anthology horror TV series created by George A. Romero, each episode was an individual short story that ended with a plot twist. The series' episodes spanned the genres of horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and some episodes featured elements of black comedy or more lighthearted themes.

As Demetrius. A horror movie duology: "The Black Veil" is set in 1888, as the widow of a psychiatrist visits a college friend who is performing in a theatre that enacts gruesome mutilations and torture. In "Listen to Midnight" a photographer recounts the events leading up to his murder, which is linked to a story he had heard in Japan about a female dragonfly luring the male to his death.

Executive producer. Centers around a cop and two brothers hot on the trail of a murderous card game in which masked participants must murder the loser or be killed themselves.

As Charles Dexter Ward. Charles Dexter Ward, a young student of metaphysics, befriends Erich Zann, an elderly violinist who lives on the floor above him. Ward is fascinated by Zann's sinister yet wonderful music, which he hears late at night drifting down from above. But he discovers more then he bargains for when he peers at what beckons beyond that strange curtained window in Zann's room...

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