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Rok Biček


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About Rok

Rok Biček is a Slovenian film director, born October 17, 1985, in Novo mesto. Biček graduated from the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana in film and television directing. Both of his feature films, Class Enemy from 2013 and Family from 2017, received the Vesna Award for Best Film at the Slovenian Film Festival. Class Enemy was also a Slovenian Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film.


17 October 1985

Place of Birth:

Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Rok’s Filmography

Executive producer. Two best friends spend an afternoon on a football field, dreaming of making it to the local football team. But dreams come with a price.

Executive producer. An ageing proprietor of a technology company has dedicated his whole life to his work, so it comes as a big blow when things suddenly start to fall apart at the seams.

Executive producer. Relations between the students and the new teacher of German are extremely tense. When one female student commits suicide, her schoolmates blame the teacher for her death. An awareness that things are not quite so black and white comes too late.

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