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Salvatore Palombi


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As Giornalista Redazione. June 27, 1980, an Italian DC 9 flying from Bologna to Palermo falls in the sea close to the Ustica island. 81 people die. The official version is "structure failure" of the airplane, but a number of clues lead the journalist Rocco Ferrante toward a different truth. Thanks to his perseverance against the invisible wall erected by air force officers, politicians, judges, secret agents, we come to know that, with all probability, the DC 9 has been mistakenly shot by a missile during a sort of air fight among U.S., French and Libyan top guns.

Executive producer. Sixty years on from the disaster, the time has come to reveal the mysteries behind one of the worst marine incidents in history. Including new and exclusive images, finally the pieces of the puzzle can be put together to compile the whole truth about what actually happened to the Andrea Doria on that fateful day.

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