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Sander Vos


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About Sander Vos

Sander Vos is most well known for editing, and has 17 known credits, of which 17 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Sander Vos’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Sander Vos’s movies you should definitely watch Beat (2000), as with 7.0 it is the highest rated movie Sander has worked on!

  1. Beat (2000)
  2. Black Swans (2005)
  3. All Stars 2: Old Stars (2011)
  4. Beyond the Game (2008)
  5. Black Butterflies (2011)

1. Beat (2000 Movie)

The best rated movie Sander Vos has been a part of is the drama movie Beat, where they had the role of editing. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 5.5 on IMDb.

2. Black Swans (2005)

Black Swans has a rating on 6.3 on IMDb . Sander Vos worked on this drama movie as editing.

3. All Stars 2: Old Stars (2011)

In All Stars 2: Old Stars Sander Vos was worked as editor. This comedy, drama movie has a rating on 6.2 on IMDb.

4. Beyond the Game (2008)

This documentary movie has a rating on 6.3 on IMDb. In Beyond the Game Sander Vos had the role of editing.

5. Black Butterflies (2011)

Sander Vos was a part of the movie Black Butterflies as editing. This drama, romance movie has a rating 6.1 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sander most known for?

Sander Vos is most known for editing. Sander has worked on 17 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Sander Vos’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Beat, which has a score of 7.0.

Sander’s Filmography

Executive producer. Two passionate people, Marleen and Vince, embark on a scorching love affair. They are sucked down by the fierceness of their feelings and literally drown in them..

Executive producer. In All Stars 2 Old Stars, the unexpected wedding of one of the boys means they treat themselves to an ‘old-fashioned training camp’ in the form of a long weekend in Barcelona. The match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is meant to be the high point of the trip. But of course not everything goes according to plan for the Swift Boys.

Executive producer. Warcraft III is the most popular real-time strategy computer game, thrilling over 2.5 million North Americans and 10 million people worldwide everyday. The game creates an alternate universe, where players challenge each other with a mythically-charged online world of humans, orcs, the undead, knights, and elves. In Beyond the Game, we meet - in real life and within the game - two of the game's leading figures, known as Grubby and Sky. Acclaimed filmmaker Jos de Putter tracks these Kasparovs of a new generation and a new game across the world all the way to the world championships in Seattle. A fascinating, surprising, and genuinely touching portrait, Beyond the Game is a study of, and participation in, the reformation of our communities in the internet age.

Executive producer. Confronted by Apartheid and a father who was Minister of Censorship, Ingrid Jonker searched for a home, searched for love. With men like Jack Cope and André Brink she found much love, but no home. Later, in his first speech to the South African Parliament Nelson Mandela read her poem "The Dead Child of Nyanga" and addressed her as one of the finest poets of South Africa.

Executive producer. Romy’s mother has to work a lot. That’s why Romy goes to her grandmother every day after school. Grandma Stine is very busy working in her hairdressing salon, and is very strict. But everything changes when Romy discovers a totally different side to her grandmother.

Executive producer. In this Oscar-nominated comedy, three wacky sisters who try to save their inheritance from their supposedly gay brother, who suddenly appears with fiance in tow. If he gets married, their father's will stipulates that he gets the family hotel in Portugal. So the sisters put aside their personal differences and set out to stop the wedding at all costs.

Executive producer. It's the hot summer of 1972: the Americans launch their last mission to the moon; also a time of dungarees and hallucinogenic wallpaper. On the eighth floor of a new Dutch apartment block, 12-year-old Duch lives with his family. His hobbies are space travel and Mary, the pretty woman next door. Duch’s father prefers to watch the neighbour who recently moved in two doors down. Her arrival makes the residents aware of the free-sex morality. Up until now it had left the eighth floor untouched, but that is clearly not to everyone’s satisfaction.

Executive producer. A mysterious foreign woman who is staying temporarily in a house there. Who she is and what her secret is are both slowly revealed in the reconstruction of a story about passion, revenge and war.

Executive producer. Five thirty-something men in as many separate segments struggle to grapple with the relentless absurdity of their respective existences.

Executive producer. The parents are at their wits’ end, so a temporary supervision order is the last hope for a group of teenagers in Punks. Now, on a remote farm in France, they’re going to have to get their lives back on track, with the help of a counselor. If they want any chance of a happy life, they need to engage in some frank and painful conversations. Mitchel has to find a way to get along with his father, but maybe too much has already happened since his mother died. Jahlano is already at the next stage: he’s no longer allowed to live with his mother, and needs to get over the disappointment. Mike, meanwhile, is struggling with his image as a boy who’s “got a screw loose.” Filmed in constant close-up by director Maasja Ooms, the teenagers try to tame their demons with music and therapy, but problems from the past keep resurfacing. In this intimate and sincere portrait, these troubled kids show us their most vulnerable sides.

Executive producer. Bob and Annie separate. After the court case Annie gives Bob two airline tickets for a tropical island to save their relationship. However, Bob takes someone else with him on holiday: Carmen, the daughter of Mafioso Don Gorgonzola. Annie lags behind in Holland, where she falls in love again with other men.

Executive producer. Bookkeeper Jacob newest client is the talented and flamboyant actress Anne. They first meet each other on her houseboat, the morning after the premiere of Anne's new theatrical play. Anne has made a mess of her personal finances and she has a lot of debt. So much so that she may even have to sell her houseboat. Jacob does what he can to help her.

Executive producer. In this art-film, a famous multimedia artist abandons his former life for a new one in a hermetically sealed room filled with living portraits. His new space becomes a haven for the terminally dysfunctional. Trouble ensues when two strangers, the world-weary Col. Hardy and the handsome son of an aspiring presidential candidate, come to collect on a commissioned work of art.

Executive producer. A family is on summer vacation. Their adolescent son is a mixture of bored and horny. A yellow jacket wasp joins them in their car and then at their vacation campsite. A sultry young woman is doing laundry outdoors just as a brief, torrential downpour occurs and the wasp allows her to reveal, much to the young man's delight, her special knowledge of how to deal with insect bites.

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