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Sandro Aguilar


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About Sandro

He was born in Portugal in 1974. He studied Film at the Higher Education School of Theatre and Cinema and, in 1988, he was one of the founders of the production company O Som e a Fúria. His short films Corpo e meio, A serpente, Arquivo, Mercúrio and Voodoo, as well as his only feature film, A zona, were screened at the focus on his work held by Bafici ’11.



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Sandro’s Filmography

Executive producer. A character searches, in Macau, for a friend who lived there fifteen years before. Assisted by the letters written to him by his friend, he will reconstitute his past steps, trying to find him.

Executive producer. The mountain burns in the August heat. A firefighter falls, swallowed by the ground. The broken body survives as it can. Outside, the night descends.

Executive producer. Rita is fifteen and spends the summer between warm afternoons of teenage love and party nights with her friend Sara. From Portugal to the South Pacific, the pleasures of this routine will take a turn when the young girl visits the art show of a new neighbor in the local community.

As Pai. Rute is a teenager like so many others: she goes to school, she has swimming lessons, she likes watching films and specially she loves to be online. Rute is almost always on her phone or using her computer. But Rute has a secret nobody knows: Rute is receiving hateful and violent messages. Who is sending these messages? Sara F.

Executive producer. It’s all natural phenomena. There’s no doubt about that. The tide turns in cycles. Water rots wood. Meteors may fall anytime, anywhere. It’s just rock burning in the atmosphere. Fishes die if they stay out of the water for too long. This process takes time and when it ends there’s no turning back. When one of these things does not take place something fundamental has changed. That’s when miracles happen.

Executive producer. Cecília is sixteen years old. She has a prosthesis in her left hand and a new love, but she does not have her mother's attention.

Executive producer. João is an indolent young man, whose life is desperately empty. Day after day he goes through the motions of duplicating keys in his tiny shop concealed in the basement of an obsolete nearly deserted shopping center. Some day, he hopes, the lady of his heart will come and order the key that will unlock his heart. Against all expectation, the miracle happens...

Executive producer. An adaptation of the 1907 political novel of the same title by Joseph Conrad set in Portugal during the so-called "Hot Summer" of 1975, re-contextualizing the anarchist prose within the Carnation Revolution.

Executive producer. This documentary follows a group of prison inmates as they prepare to perform the annual Easter ritual, the Via Crucis, with a community of villagers in the northeast region of Portugal. We witness, from the first rehearsal to the day of the procession, the solemn and surreal moments that lead convicts and members of a rural community to take real and symbolic communion together.

Executive producer. Ramiro is a bookstore owner in Lisbon and a poet in perpetual creative block. He lives, somewhat frustrated, somewhat conformed, between his shop and the tavern, accompanied by his dog, his faithful drinking companions and his neighbors: a pregnant teenager and her grandmother recovering from a stroke. He would gladly continue living this quiet and somewhat anachronistic routine if events worthy of a soap opera did not invade his bubble.

Executive producer. Bruno Aleixo was invited to write a biopic about his own life. Lacking ideas, he decided to ask his closest friends for inspiration. Reunited in a cafe, each of his friends suggests a different idea, more or less biographical.

Executive producer. Patrick, 20-years-old, lives in Paris with his older boyfriend. He runs a teenage pornography website, which results in a prison sentence following a raid at a party. Mário, 8-years-old, was kidnapped 12 years ago in Portugal. Patrick and Mário are the same person with two conflicting identities: a life in Paris filled with parties, drugs, and promiscuity and a new rural life in Portugal, where he feels obliged to reconnect with a broken family.

Executive producer. A 20 year old young man asks some kids if he can play football with them. They think it’s weird and ask him how old is he. When he answers «I’m ten» he is laughed at. But he is going to find another group of kids who are different, just like him…

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