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Santiago Caamaño


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About Santiago Caamaño

Santiago Caamaño is most well known for acting, and has 4 known credits, of which 4 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Santiago Caamaño’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Santiago Caamaño’s movies you should definitely watch Sexual Tension: Volatile (2012), as with 5.0 it is the highest rated movie Santiago has worked on!

  1. Sexual Tension: Volatile (2012)
  2. Safe Passage (2015)
  3. Amapola (2014)
  4. Conurbano (0)

1. Sexual Tension: Volatile (2012 Movie)

The best rated movie Santiago Caamaño has been a part of is the drama, lgbtq+ movie Sexual Tension: Volatile, where they had the role of Raúl ("Amor"). It has a rating on Friendspire of 5.0 and 6.2 on IMDb.

2. Safe Passage (2015)

Safe Passage has a rating on 6.6 on IMDb . Santiago Caamaño worked on this drama, history, thriller movie as Boy in Car.

3. Amapola (2014)

In Amapola Santiago Caamaño was worked as Toast the Knowing. This drama movie has a rating on 4.9 on IMDb.

4. Conurbano (0)

In Conurbano Santiago Caamaño had the role of .

Frequently asked questions

What is Santiago most known for?

Santiago Caamaño is most known for acting. Santiago has worked on 4 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Santiago Caamaño’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Sexual Tension: Volatile, which has a score of 5.0.

Santiago’s Filmography

As Raúl ("Amor"). A pulsating, thrill ride that weaves six scintillating experiences of men in various forms of male bonding, Sexual Tension: Volatile will leave you wanting more! A young man feels the adrenaline rush of his sexy tattooist’s needle in ‘Ari’ while in ‘The Cousin,’ a cute boy has a taboo attraction for a family member. Two ‘straight’ buddies literally show, each other, how to make love to a woman in ‘The Other One,’ while a man with ‘Broken Arms’ receives a sensual sponge bath from a male nurse. ‘Love’ is questionable when a broken shower brings a married man and an innkeeper together and in ‘Workout’ two muscular men begin to explore each other chiseled bodies. Voyeuristic pleasures await you as the camera penetrates and caresses the men’s bodies while exploring the mysterious and electrifying nature of male intimacy.

As Boy in Car. In the present, in Spain, Miguel's mind, affected by a brain disease, seems cloistered in the past, in Argentina, in the seventies, when he risked his life for his ideals. He is obsessed with finding a woman named Diana. Mario, his son, who has been away from Miguel for a long time, now feels compelled to unravel the mystery of a name that, like a curse, pursues his father.

As Director de orquesta. A romantic reimagining of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream set against the turbulent backdrops of the 1962 Argentinian military coup and the 1982 war for the Falkland Islands.

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