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Sara Serraiocco


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About Sara


13 August 1990

Place of Birth:

Pescara, Italy

Sara’s Filmography

As Baldwin. Howard Silk is a lowly cog in a bureaucratic UN agency who is turning the last corner of a life filled with regret when he discovers the agency he works for is guarding a secret: a crossing to a parallel dimension.

As Mariangela. Milan, Italy, 1967. Santo Russo, a boy of Calabrian origin, arrives north with his parents and younger brother to find better living conditions. Due to an absurd misunderstanding and his father's contempt, Santo ends up in prison, where he gets a “true education.” In 1978, he and his friends Slim and Mario embark on a 15-year criminal career, a successful and ruthless spiral of robberies, kidnappings, murders and heroin smuggling.

As Nora. Every year five hundred thousand young people leave Italy and flee overseas. They call it “brain drain” but among the new emigrants there are a lot of ordinary young people seeking their fortune. Sandro and Luciano are two of them.

As 'Ballerina' (Rosabella Terzi). A group of wild, physically disabled gangsters has a plan to rob a bank, but things go terribly wrong when each of them reveals they all had their own personal agenda.

As Sara. From the rugged coastline of the Adriatic to the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, The Italian Boys threads together a rich tapestry of enthralling LGBTQ stories. With each film in the NQV collection emanating the neorealist beauty and diversity of Italian cinema at its very best. The result, one of the finest collection of curated short films released by NQV to date. The complex and enthralling collection delving into a broad range of themes from regret to early desire and a new for freedom. While at the same time bathing the audience in the trademark Italian energy, sexuality and artistry we love.

As Marica. Simone Segre, a renowned surgeon of Jewish origins, lives in a city in the north-east of Italy. A quiet life, an elegant apartment and no connection with his past. One day he finds himself assisting a man victim of a hit and run accident. But when he discovers a nazi tattoo on his chest, Simone abandons him to his destiny. Filled with guilt, he ends up tracing the man’s family: Marica, the eldest daughter; Marcello, a teenager plagued with racial hate; and little Paolo. The night will come when Marica knocks at Simone’s door and unknowingly asks for payback.

As Chiara. Depicts various periods in the life of Saint Francesco: Youth and the first conversion in 1206, the process that inflicts his father, the birth of the historical nucleus of Fraternitas and the departure for the Holy Land up to the writing of rules and death, addressing the problem of the legacy of his message in the different interpretation that Chiara and Elia will give it.

Executive producer. A mysterious man gifts four strangers on the brink of suicide a chance to see what life would be like without them.

As Rita Pizzuto. Salvo, a ruthless Sicilian Mafia hit man, changes his priorities after being involved in a bloody ambush.

As Giulia. Giulia’s is a poised world, made of rigour and sacred texts, which fiercely excludes those who do not belong to it. Libero's world is the world of all the others, of those who make mistakes, who fend for themselves looking for another chance and who love unconditionally. When Giulia meets Libero, she realizes she can have another destiny, one she will have to choose and build.

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