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Shoko Sakamaki


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Executive producer. A man and woman share in some bizarre and masochistic sex-games, including chain-bondage, shoe-licking, watersports, and car-antenna fucking. There is a side-plot about a female slavery ring where the captors are imprisoned in cages to be used at the will of a group of private sex-club patrons.

Executive producer. Volunteering as a "comfort woman" on the Manchurian front, where she is expected to service hundreds of soldiers, Harumi is commandeered by the brutal Lieutenant Narita but falls for the sensitive Mikami, Narita's direct subordinate. Seijun Suzuki's Story of a Prostitute is a tragic love story as well as a rule-bending take on a popular Taijiro Tamura novel, challenging military and fraternal codes of honor, as seen through Harumi's eyes.

Executive producer. Chie (Sanae Ōhori), newly arrived in Tokyo, saves her friend from school, Mari (Annu Mari), from a suicide attempt. The two girls become close, eventually leading to a lesbian relationship. Their affair drifts into sadism and involvement with a bizarre sex cult, resulting in the deaths of the two lovers.

Executive producer. Nanjo, a new teacher at a girls' high school, unwittingly becomes the object of gossip when he buys underwear for Shimizu and spends his vacation with a female teacher. It turns out that Nanjo and Shimizu have fallen in love.

Executive producer. Nakata, an author, resides utilizing the painful memory regarding the death of his partner, whoever life had been cut short a few many years earlier. Ended up being it a crash or ended up being it suicide? Doubt persists. In order to escape his guilty Nakata, conscience gives up on marriage and fatherhood. Hence freed, he embarks on an obsessive intimate records and jeorney his activities in a book, "The Dark Room". A philisophical essay on sexuality, reproduction and the fate of mankind.

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