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Executive producer. A rigid families' employees turn the family house into a home by making their employers relax their wonted discipline.

As Dr. Mohan Mahajan. After the passing of her husband, Mrs. Mahajan takes care of four institutions, and lives a comfortable lifestyle with her two sons - Dr. Mohan and his wife, Maya; and Advocate Subhash Mahajan, his wife, Savitri, and their daughter, Rani. Savitri is unhappy as she wants a career for herself. She finally gets a chance to prove her skills in social services when she gets a job offer as Superintendent of a Women's Reformatory Home in distant Sangamwadi. Although Rani and Subhash as well as the rest of the family oppose her going, she has made up her mind.

Executive producer. An unusual Marathi war movie which mobilises and updates a historical/regional chauvinism associated with 17th-C. Maratha emperor Shivaji. Major Subhanrao Malusare, a direct descendant of Shivaji’s legendary lieutenant Tanaji Malusare, continues a proud family tradition by winning the Victoria Cross as an Allied officer fighting against Italian fascists in WW2. When he dies, his wife Savitri (Uma) vows that their son will never join the army. However, during the India-China conflict (1962), when her son’s friend is killed, she enjoins her son to fight for the nation even though the boy’s death would mean the end of the ancient clan. The film updated the rousing sentimentalism associated with Shivaji historicals into the present via songs such as He bharatiyano aika balidan katha veeranchi.

Executive producer. A story about a poor Marathi village potter who tries to feed his wife and six children in the hope that things will improve when younger brother Shankar completes his education. But they don't and, to foil Shankar's plans to start a porcelain factory, the local moneylender starts legal proceedings to claim the family house.

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