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Executive producer. A devoted son hears that, he must pay one thousand 'nyang' (old Korean currency) to save his father who is in jail for unknown reason. At that time, a low-grade official seeks for a man who could spend one night to mourn for the spirit of their DEAD daughter. The devoted son spends the night with the dead woman...

Executive producer. Ha In-young has suffered for years under her husband, Kang Suk-wu. He's kept her captive with his loss of humanity and sexual depravation. In-young yearns for an unknown world. One day, In-young meets Min Byung-gu but Byung-gu leaves her. In-young leaves her husband and even her young daughter Ha-mi. Ha-mi searches madly for her mother. Chairman Kang, Suk-wu's father, understands why his daughter-in-law has run away. Suk-wu anguishes over the actions of his father and daughter. Suk-wu regains his sexual masculinity which he had lost for years. He forgives In-young and receives her again.

As Park Inn Min. Park Mei Ji receives a phone call from a woman who says she and Mei Ji's husband, Inn Min, are living together in Taipei and raising a son. Mei Ji immediately leaves Seoul and flies to Taipei with a friend at the woman's request, discovering that the situation is much more complex and tragic than she initially thought.

Executive producer. Kim Ik-do and his second wife, Hye-mi, are living happily on the deer farm when a new breeder is hired. Hye-mi recognizes him as the ex-boyfriend who betrayed her five years ago. She makes a move on him but he is suffering from amnesia. Through her devoted nursing, he makes a full recovery and regains his memory. He leaves Hye-mi but then returns, demanding her love. Ik-do is furious but ultimately bows to their love. However, the man's wife and young child come looking for him. Hye-mi falls into the embrace of her forgiving husband.

Executive producer. A powerful Minister Oh sends his political enemy Governor Jeong to exile and takes his son Jeong junior as a hostage. Oh's widowed daughter becomes in love for Jeong junior but he rejects her saying he is engaged with Bae Baeng-Yi who is a daughter of a noble family in Jeong Seung Gol village. Lady Oh is driven mad at jealousy of Bae Baeng-Yi. She disguises as a shaman and invites Bae Baeng-Yi to a mountain where she kills the girl. At her funeral as Bae Baeng-Yi's coffin doesn't move, a shaman holds an exorcism and asks Jeong junior to soothe for her spirit and fidelity. Finally funeral service is over without problem. By the way lady Oh, who is annoyed by Bae Baeng-Yi's resented spirit, falls from a cliff to death in a half-mad state. Those who exploited illicit and superstition die out.

Executive producer. Bo-Young's spirit can't go to heaven because she died as an unmarried girl. Her nanny who died before her feels sorry for Bo-Young and tries to arrange a soul marriage to Jeong junior who sends private supplies in private for his jailed father due to false charge to ascend Bo-Young to heaven. Meanwhile Jeong junior can not control the chief of village who false charged on Jeong senior and deprived his properties, and even he requests for hidden fortune. Thus Bo-Young and her nanny makes Jeong junior pass the civil service examination and beat the greedy and wicked chief of village to save innocent Jeong senior. Finally nanny and Bo-Young who loves Jeong junior ascend to heaven.

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