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Spyros Kalogirou


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About Spyros


3 November 1922

Place of Birth:

Athens, Greece

Spyros’s Filmography

Executive producer. The Johnny Lloveras, singer and showman, leaving the province and comes to Athens in order to conquer. He wants to become the first star in the field of night entertainment. But the bad fate and misfortune of many surprises. Moreover awaits him and love as the heart of the fight two delicious singers, Miranda and Jealousy. Which will win?

As Outlaw. From a tragic misunderstanding, the farmer Stathis Karatasos (Angelos Antonopoulos) is accused as the leader of a notorious gang. He manages to escape just before getting executed and the law enforcement starts chasing him. Even the bandits are looking to find him, believing that he has the loot of the robbery in his possession. In addition, another prisoner called Tsakos (Kostas Kazakos) tries to locate him and bring him back dead or alive, in order to ensure the freedom promised to him by the police.

As Andreas. Stathis, a naughty young man whose father owns a coffee shop at the island’s central square, picks up attractive tourists. His neighbor Rena, who is in love with him, stands in the middle of his love affairs and does her best to win him. Moreover, his sister Kaiti, a cute and tender girl, falls in love with an young guy who met while traveling, and who stays on the island for her sake. After many humorous events, both couples find happiness.

As Giamouris. The battle-scarred hero of the Greek Revolution, Giannos "Astrapogiannos", returns home after the end of the blood-soaked War of Independence, only to find himself in a new conflict, as he locks horns with a ruthless local Kodjabashis.

Executive producer. A professor asks two poor students of law to steal, for a fee, a rare figurine from the house of a collector. After the successful outcome of the theft, the professor dies from joy, and the two students decide to return the figurine to its owner. There they meet his daughters, to whom they tell numerous lies. In the end, it is revealed that the whole thing was part of a wager between the professor and the collector, and the two students fall in love with the latter's daughters.

As Armandos. 18 year old Stefania is brought to a juvenile reformatory for young prostitutes. The institution is actually a prison, and one of the worst and most squalid of its kind. It's a real hell. Two dozens of ragged girls are crammed into a dormitory, locked by a thick iron door, two in each bed. Meals and work is carried out in other sections of the building, separated by iron bars. A young doctor shall investigate the newcomer. When they meet, they immediately recognize each other. It is Giorgos, the doctor that treated Stefania's mother a couple of years ago, and then had a little flirt with Stefania. He has been thinking of her ever since. He immediately falls in love with her, and wants to help her. Stefania is thinking about any possibility to get out from the prison. She flirts with the ugly yard guard Armandos, and with the truck driver coming with foodstuff, but in vain...

As Ploutarhos Varnis. Chronis employed by a company, the chairman of which is a consequential, terrible moralist man, who is of the opinion that its employees must follow its own life and perception patterns. One day his sister Chronis, Eve, organizing home parties and invite Emilios, the president's son. Among them a fiery romance develops. The other day the president makes strict remarks to Chronis, who expects nothing anymore his dismissal ...

As kapetan Skandalakis. Fourtounakis’ daughter, Katerinio, is forced to get engaged with a brutal Cretan, Skandalakis. But the return of Manousos Vrontakis from Athens and his flirtation with the girl leads to a great romance, without them knowing that they belong to families who are longstanding enemies.

As Tsardas. A dark atmosphere pervades this film in true noir fashion. So does the feeling that our principals are trapped. They fight their way against economic forces and their status in life, and love might conquer all.

As Nikos. Returning from a business trip to Rhodes, Markos finds out that his sick son has been kidnapped. He agrees to pay the ransom that the kidnappers demand but the police officer Makridis sees that the money used is marked so they can track them down.

As Vasilis Apostolopoulos. A police officer tries to discover the murderer of his brother, who was a pianist and a morphine. As a member of the Drug Enforcement Department, he tries to identify the head of a drug dealer gang. His unorthodox way of acting upsets his superiors, even though they allow him to continue his investigations. When the gang discovers that he is a police officer, he makes him a drug addict, but he manages to detoxify and eventually capture the gang's brain.

As Giakoumis. Madalena is a tough seventeen-year-old who is forced to take on her father's ferry business after he dies. She has her many brothers and sisters to support, and there is no one else to do the job. So she rallies her defenses and sets out to give her rival in the ferry business a run for his money. But at the same time, the rival's handsome son is starting to look better and better. Madalena refuses to acknowledge her feelings for him -- though how long she can sustain that denial is the question.

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