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Stathis Psaltis


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About Stathis

Stathis Psaltis is a Greek cinema, TV and theatre comedian. Being a very talented actor he's not typecast to just playing comedy roles, but serious ones too like his memorable performance in the 1979 drama, O Symvolaiografos. He is mostly famous for starring in many 1980s VHS flicks and wearing retro eye-glasses.


27 February 1952

Place of Birth:

Velo Korinthias, Greece

Stathis’s Filmography

As Stathis Froutakis Jr.. After the sudden death of his grandfather, the pervasive Stathis suddenly finds himself president of a large public limited company but is in danger of being out of business because he does not find the shares he has inherited. These young people are also looking for these shares, who manage to turn all the members of the board against them. But Stathis shows, from the very beginning, that he is the absolute sovereign and does not raise any doubts, while at the same time instructs a private detective to find the valuable shares.

As Stathis. Stathis, a naughty young man whose father owns a coffee shop at the island’s central square, picks up attractive tourists. His neighbor Rena, who is in love with him, stands in the middle of his love affairs and does her best to win him. Moreover, his sister Kaiti, a cute and tender girl, falls in love with an young guy who met while traveling, and who stays on the island for her sake. After many humorous events, both couples find happiness.

As Stathis. Stathis is a teenager who owns a pirate radio station that broadcasts at the same frequency used by another pirate radio station, owned by Stamatis and his friends. This leads to many conflicts between them, and as if this wasn't enough, Stathis is also desperately in love with Koula and has to face her huge boyfriend Kyriakos...

As Priest. The true story of the greatest Greek writer of the 20th century, Nikos Kazantzakis, based on his work, Report to Greco, which is, essentially, his autobiography.

As Priest. The true story of the greatest Greek writer of the 20th century, Nikos Kazantzakis, based on his work, Report to Greco, which is, essentially, his autobiography.

As Orfeas. This comedy takes place during a hot summer at a Greek island. We meet Stathis and his company and we watch as they try to get the attention of all kinds of beautiful foreign girls.

As Warrant Officer. The Adamastos family consists of the father, Major Adamastos, the mother, Captain Eugenia and their daughter, Soldier Vicky. The father defies women in the army while the daughter falls in love with a second lieutenant justifying her father's opinion, but the mother manages to highlight the all-female Company's work.

As Stathis Sgouros. Stathis loves bikes, Rena wants to dance all the time and Aleksis goes crazy for rock music. They are three crazy siblings. One of them, Stathis, doesn't seem capable to keep a job and when he loses his girlfriend, his mother decides to give him what he loves the most, a motorcycle!

As Tilemachos. Babis (Nikos Rizos), after his release, finds it difficult to balance between the groups with the guys and jobber of Piraeus, and the strict surveillance of the police, who closed the once in prison. He will try to sell the alleged Byzantine icons that makes a fellow prisoner, but will be arrested. It will be released as there were images of value, and will be informed that the mother of the same (Mary Metaxa) alerted the police to remove him from the unlawful activity.

As Manos. An employee of an insurance company, Hercules (Sotiris Moustakas) undertakes with the help of two friends (Stathis Psaltis and Antonis Papadopoulos) to protect the chastity of his daughter (Katie Finos) an entrepreneur (Yiannis Michalopoulos). The possible failure in this mission can be the end of the company. Are the shadow of the girl and get entangled in various comic situations.

Executive producer. A female hotel manager and her male accomplice, murder a German gangster to steal his diamonds. Soon, other members of the gang arrive to find out what went on.

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