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Stefania Omarsdottir


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About Stefania Omarsdottir

Stefania Omarsdottir is most well known for acting, and has 3 known credits, of which 3 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Stefania Omarsdottir’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Stefania Omarsdottir’s movies you should definitely watch The Shamer's Daughter (2015), as with 7.0 it is the highest rated movie Stefania has worked on!

  1. The Shamer's Daughter (2015)
  2. Island of Lost Souls (2007)
  3. How to Get Rid of the Others (2007)

1. The Shamer's Daughter (2015 Movie)

The best rated movie Stefania Omarsdottir has been a part of is the fantasy, adventure, drama movie The Shamer's Daughter, where they had the role of Rosas mor. It has a rating on Friendspire of 7.0 and 5.9 on IMDb.

2. Island of Lost Souls (2007)

Island of Lost Souls has a rating on Friendspire of 6.6 and 5.7 on IMDb . Stefania Omarsdottir worked on this fantasy, adventure, family movie as Tynd kvinde.

3. How to Get Rid of the Others (2007)

In How to Get Rid of the Others Stefania Omarsdottir was worked as Toast the Knowing. This comedy, drama movie has a rating on 5.9 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

What is Stefania Omarsdottir’s gender?

Stefania Omarsdottir is female.

What is Stefania most known for?

Stefania Omarsdottir is most known for acting. Stefania has worked on 3 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Stefania Omarsdottir’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Shamer's Daughter, which has a score of 7.0.

Stefania’s Filmography

As Tynd kvinde. 14-year-old Lulu moves to a small provincial town with her mother and younger brother. One night, her brother is struck by a beam of white light - actually the spirit of Herman Hartmann from the 19th-century. To her despair, Lulu realizes that Herman has possessed her brother, and the two of them are whirled into a fevered adventure.

As Rosas mor. The Shamer's daughter, Dina, has unwillingly inherited her mother's supernatural ability. She can look straight into the soul of other people. When the sole heir to the throne is wrongfully accused of the horrible murders of his family, it is up to Dina to uncover the truth, but soon she finds herself whirled into a dangerous power struggle with her own life at risk.

As Belinda Jensen. A satirical drama revealing the consequences of the Danish government's "New Copenhagen Criteria", a new policy aiming at securing the nation's survival. Citizens who fail to meet the criteria - those who have received more from society than what they have contributed - are eliminated.

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