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Steve Vinovich


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About Steve Vinovich

Steve Vinovich is a 77 years old male from Peoria, Illinois, USA. Steve is most well known for acting, and has 40 known credits, of which 26 are movies, and 14 are TV shows.

Steve Vinovich’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Steve Vinovich’s movies you should definitely watch Awakenings (1990), as with 8.1 it is the highest rated movie Steve has worked on!

  1. Awakenings (1990)
  2. The Intern (2015)
  3. The Swan Princess (1994)
  4. Worth (2021)
  5. The Santa Clause (1994)

1. Awakenings (1990 Movie)

The best rated movie Steve Vinovich has been a part of is the drama movie Awakenings, where they had the role of Ray. It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.1 and 7.8 on IMDb .

2. The Intern (2015)

The Intern has a rating on Friendspire of 8.0 and 7.1 on IMDb . Steve Vinovich worked on this comedy movie as Miles.

3. The Swan Princess (1994)

In The Swan Princess Steve Vinovich was worked as Toast the Knowing . This family, animation, fantasy, adventure, comedy movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.5 and 6.4 on IMDb .

4. Worth (2021)

This history, drama movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.5 and 6.8 on IMDb . In Worth Steve Vinovich had the role of Senator Kennedy.

5. The Santa Clause (1994)

Steve Vinovich was a part of the movie The Santa Clause as Dr. Novos. This fantasy, drama, comedy, family movie has a rating Friendspire of 7.4 and 6.5 on IMDb .

Steve Vinovich’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Steve Vinovich’s shows you should definitely watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993), as with 8.5 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)
  2. Malcolm in the Middle (2000)
  3. ER (1994)

1. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)

The action & adventure, drama TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has a rating Friendspire of 8.5 and 8.1 on IMDb . Steve Vinovich was Joseph in this show!

2. Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

In Malcolm in the Middle Steve Vinovich was Mr. Hodges. This comedy, family, sitcom show has a rating on Friendspire of 8.3 and 8.1 on IMDb .

3. ER (1994)

The third highest rated TV show Steve Vinovich has worked on is the drama, romance series ER, where Steve was Wayne Lentloff. It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.1 and 7.8 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Steve Vinovich born?

Steve Vinovich’s birthday is on 22 January 1945 .

What is Steve Vinovich’s gender?

Steve Vinovich is male.

Where was Steve Vinovich born?

Steve Vinovich was born in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

What is Steve most known for?

Steve Vinovich is most known for acting. Steve has worked on 26 movies and 14 TV shows.

What is Steve Vinovich’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Awakenings, which has a score of 8.1.

What is Steve Vinovich’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which has a score of 8.5.

Steve’s Filmography

As Miles. 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

As Principal Weebie. At home and school, she's Miley Stewart, a typical teenager, but when the lights go down and the curtain goes up, she emerges as the glamorous and talented Hannah Montana. Having the "Best of Both Worlds" is a complicated proposition, and keeping her identity under wraps leads Miley and her friends into some hilarious capers as she tries to balance her normal life with her rock star persona.

As Dr. Novos. Scott Calvin is an ordinary man, who accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve and is knocked unconscious. When he and his young son finish Santa's trip and deliveries, they go to the North Pole, where Scott learns he must become the new Santa and convince those he loves that he is indeed, Father Christmas.

Executive producer. Follow the lives of a group of teenagers living in the upscale, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly Hills High School and, subsequently, the fictitious California University after graduation.

As Joseph. At Deep Space Nine, a space station located next to a wormhole in the vicinity of the liberated planet of Bajor, Commander Sisko and crew welcome alien visitors, root out evildoers and solve all types of unexpected problems that come their way.

As Wayne Lentloff. ER explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and staff of its overburdened emergency room.

As Dr. Hennessy. The daily trials and tribulations of handyman Tim Taylor, a TV show host raising three boys with help from his loyal co-host, domineering wife, and unseen neighbor.

As Ray. Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy research physician, uses an experimental drug to "awaken" the catatonic victims of a rare disease. Leonard is the first patient to receive the controversial treatment. His awakening, filled with awe and enthusiasm, proves a rebirth for Sayer too, as the exuberant patient reveals life's simple but unutterably sweet pleasures to the introverted doctor.

As Simon Kincaid. A long-running dramedy centering on the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, and their pesky next-door neighbor, ultra-nerd Steve Urkel. A spin-off of Perfect Strangers.

As Lieutenant Puffin (voice). The beautiful princess Odette is transformed into a swan by an evil sorcerer's spell. Held captive at an enchanted lake, she befriends Jean-Bob the frog, Speed the turtle and Puffin the bird. Despite their struggle to keep the princess safe, these good-natured creatures can do nothing about the sorcerer's spell, which can only be broken by a vow of everlasting love.

As Senator Kennedy. Kenneth Feinberg, a powerful D.C. lawyer appointed Special Master of the 9/11 Fund, fights off the cynicism, bureaucracy, and politics associated with administering government funds and, in doing so, discovers what life is worth.

As Senator John McClellan. Loosely based on infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson, who in the early 1960s returned from ten years in prison to find the neighborhood he once ruled in shambles. With the streets controlled by the Italian mob, Bumpy attempts to regain his piece of Harlem.

As Director. 8 Simple Rules is an American sitcom television series originally starring John Ritter and Katey Sagal as middle-class parents Paul and Cate Hennessy, raising their three children. Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidson and Martin Spanjers co-starred as their teenage kids: Bridget, Kerry and Rory Hennessy. The series ran on ABC from September 17, 2002, to April 15, 2005. The first season focused on Paul being left in charge of the children after Cate takes a full-time job as a nurse, with comedic emphasis on his often strict rules concerning his daughters and dating. The series' name and premise were derived from the book 8 Simple Rules by W. Bruce Cameron. While 8 Simple Rules was renewed for a second season and production had begun, Ritter's sudden death in September 2003 left the series in an uncertain position. After a hiatus, the series returned with killing off his character. James Garner and David Spade later joined the main cast as Cate's father Jim Egan and her nephew C.J. Barnes.

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