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Sumit Kaul


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About Sumit

Sumit Kaul is an Indian Actor and voice actor. He started his career as a professional actor in the year 2000 with Ek Jute, a theatre group headed by Mrs Nadira Babbar where he spent the next 4 years doing several Hindi and Urdu plays.He has also worked in the films like Haider, Laila Majnu, Mulk and Hamid and has been part of TV shows like Laagi Tujhse Lagan and Chakravartin Ashok Samrat. He is currently playing Nishant Sharma in Nazar on StarPlus.



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Sumitโ€™s Filmography

As Mehfooz Alam. The youngest son of a Muslim family settled in Benaras gets involved in terrorist activities, leading to a bomb blast massacre. His actions have an adverse effect on the family who are left to defend themselves as people who are innocent and not anti-nationals.

As Ibban. Laila is a free-spirited girl from a conservative family who firmly believes in living for the present. Qais, a spoilt brat, falls head over heels in love with her. Their families, however, are warring over property, which leads to self-destruction, pain and bleeding hearts.

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