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Executive producer. A look at rural gay men in America today. These men are far from the common stereotypes. They include men raising children, dairy farmers, and hermits, even a radical fairy or two.

Executive producer. From a secular point of view, the film explores the lives of gay men and women of faith as they recall their journeys to put their sexuality and spirituality in harmony. Finding that their strong religious convictions and faith seemed to be used against them, these are the personal stories of people who have participated in "ex-gay" ministries and found in fact that they did not provide a so-called cure. The answers seemed to come from within. With less of a focus on the "ex-gay" movement, the film is more about the telling of stories behind the debate and the role religion can play in one's life.

Executive producer. After finding an unusual website seeking funds to help reverse a sex change, the filmmaker sets out to explore the transgender community.

Executive producer. A Portable Tribe celebrates the lives of gay men, their bonding, sense of brotherhood and quest to explore non-urban adventures. From men camping in tents, to men driving luxury motor homes to gay campgrounds, to a nudist gathering and even spiritual retreat centers, A Portable Tribe presents an entertaining and unique introduction into a growing yet lesser seen part of gay male culture.

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