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Executive producer. Omri is trying to reenact the day his dog died, on the beach when he was 13 years old, but things gets complicated when he discovers that his father remembers events differently.

Executive producer. Omri reunites his family for a drive to the desert. Facing his camcorder, he'll ask them to recollect the drive and fatal car accident they had on the way to his Bar Mitzvah. An accident that led to his parent’s divorce.

Executive producer. Olivia (12), just moved with her family from New York and arrives for her first day of school. She struggles to find her place within the hierarchy of her new school. Finding herself caught between the popular students and her shy classmate, Alem, Olivia must ultimately make a choice about who she is and how she will navigate her newfound circumstances.

Executive producer. Eliya takes his sick mother Naomi to visit a psychic medium who lives near the Dead Sea, doing everything in his power to strengthen her. But the visit does not go as planned, causing the son and his mother to confront their future.

Executive producer. In her own domestic Garden of Eden, a young writer gets tangled up in an imaginary love triangle with her steady boyfriend and his younger famous brother, who is sleeping on their couch following a breakup.

Executive producer. Elisha travels to visit Hillel, who has established a unique community in the heart of the desert. It soon becomes clear that the two share a common past from which they cannot escape

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