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Thomas G. Smith


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Executive producer. Shows family life on a modern farm in winter. Describes the care and feeding of livestock kept on a farm in winter. Here, farm life continues at a vigorous pace, in spite of restrictions of inclement weather, as a farm family complete the work of harvest and prepare for the renewal of the growing cycle in spring. The story is told in first person by the grandfather, at Gerald "Red" Markham's farm near the town of Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin. He tries to get the "snow buggy" working, brings in a veterinarian to treat a sick calf, etc.

Executive producer. This film follows a rural family to a county fair, showing scenes of horse races, concessions, corn judging contests and tractor demonstrations; Gerald "Red" Markham farm near town of Whitewater, near LaGrange, Walworth Co. Wisconsin.

Executive producer. Wayne Szalinski is receiving the Inventor of the Year Award for his shrink ray. When attempting to demonstrate it, it goes haywire and ends up shrinking you, the audience, instead.

Executive producer. Ralph the mouse lives at the Mountain View Inn and loves his motorcycle. When the inn becomes overriden with mice and Ralph's friend Matt the bellboy must leave, Ralph asks his other friend Ryan to take him to school as part of a plan to help Matt.

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