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Thomas Konstadinidis


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1 January 1945

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Thomas’s Filmography

Executive producer. This comedy takes place during a hot summer at a Greek island. We meet Stathis and his company and we watch as they try to get the attention of all kinds of beautiful foreign girls.

As Tzortzis. Zahos Fokianos is a businessman who flirts with various women. Teta, the daughter of one of the women that Zahos chases, has fallen in love with him but is hesitant to confess her feelings. But when Zahos realizes what is going on, he will feel twenty years younger, travel with her in Europe, and on return he will find that he and the girl are not the only couple who enjoys happiness.

As Schoolmaster. Panos and Archimidis are colleagues and co-tenants. Panos is a modern young man, whereas Archimidis is more conservative. Panos tries to make Archimidis live his life more passionately. Archimidis then develops a dual personality. In the morning, he is a restrained teacher, and at night he is a reveller and a skirt-chaser. When his sister is kidnapped, Archimidis enters a hospital to overcome his problem.

Executive producer. Three stories everyday madness. A retired headmaster angers me when I see the marks of his granddaughter and soon discovers that most education is dominated by bribing. A civil servant who lives a boring life with his wife and his mother in law, and a woman who has been trying for years to get its land in the city plan!

Executive producer. It concerns the sinful life and scandals of Metropolitan of Preveza, who was involved in various suspicious cases. His activity is described in the darker colors and the subject gets political dimensions, in relation to the prevailing situation within the Greek Church.

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