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Tom Tellefsen


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About Tom


30 October 1931

Place of Birth:

Asker, Viken county, Norway

Tom’s Filmography

As Regissøren. Fandango is the director of a traveling circus. He brings with him a handful of artists who have to stick together to succeed, but there is a clear conflict between the director and the artists.

As Onkel bernt. Julie has left her boyfriend because of an argument. The Family supports her decision when her brother tells them that he really is a criminal. Surprisingly the boyfriend turns up not knowing what to expect him.

As Frank. Two men discover that they have a close relationship with the same woman. They both love her. Without saying anything to the woman that they know about the other, they both try to win her over.

As Medlem av æresretten. Mountain climbing and its dangers get a different twist in this standard drama by Norwegian director Tancred Ibsen. When one of two climbing buddies returns from an attempt to scale Eagle Peak, he is happy to claim his award for being the first to reach the summit. But his celebration is short-lived after his friend comes back down from the mountain with another version of his "victory" climb. This second version has the supposedly successful climber cast as an attempted murderer. The story behind the climb comes out in flashbacks as the Alpine Club reviews the accusation.

As Telegrafisten. An American bomber is shot down on the Norwegian coast during World War II. The airmen bail out and land at different locations. In spite of the German search for them, the Norwegian resistance picks them up and hides them in the attic of the local church, a center of operations. Things become tense, however, when the hideout is spotted by a notorious collaborator, and soon the protagonist, Hans, has to get the airmen to Sweden.

As Herman. While near sighted Denise plays football, she accidently gets a ball in her face, and her glasses break. When she wakes up in the hospital she's double sighted.

As Broker, homeless. The Market of the Unknowns is a burlesque and socially critical tale of a flea market in Oslo, which is organized for the benefit of slum dwellers in Lima. Based a on novel by Åge Rønning.

As Janson. Allan and Lisa flee the war-torn city of Sweetwater with their young son for the safety of the municipal dump in this sleepy war drama. They join other displaced survivors who were driven from their homes. After Lisa gives birth to another child and Allan has a fling with the prostitute Mary Diamond, he trades Lisa for a gun. Allan leads a resistance group trying to retake their city who would rather fight and die than live in exile.

Executive producer. For many, the happy twenties were not very happy, with high unemployment, poverty and a bitter disillusioned youth. But at the same time there was prohibition in Norway, with large-scale smuggling and easy-earned money. Ernst, an unemployed architect, stumbles onto the smuggler path, and replaces a gray, boring life with a lush, rowdy and colorful world. Klara, the girl he loves, walks away from him, and Jenny becomes his new girlfriend. Together with Hugo and Elsa, these four make a number of smuggling trips by car - with big profits - but it's not enough. So Ernst invests in boats, and that's when the really messy smuggling starts. He operates in the entire Oslo Fjord, all the way down to Rotterdam, pursued by police and customs, with his infamous torpedo boats. We follow Ernst all the way to the so-called Bygdøyslaget, where smugglers and police brutaly clash together.

As Andreas Berg, baker. Ballad of the Masterthief Ole Hoiland (Norwegian: Balladen om mestertyven Ole Høiland) is a 1970 Norwegian drama film directed by Knut Andersen, and starring a broad cast of notable Norwegian actors, headed by Per Jansen as Ole Høiland. Ole Høiland was an actual Norwegian Robin Hood-figure in the early 19th century. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor, enjoying numerous affairs with attractive women along the way. The story culminates in the ambitious burglary of Norges Bank, Norway's central bank.

Executive producer. Student Tom Polden lives in difficult conditions at home. His mother lives constantly on the memories of her deceased husband. Her little hat shop is rather poor and the economy is peal. Tom constantly hear about the magnificent father, and becomes a big blow when he overhears his father shot himself because he had embezzled a substantial amount of money.

As Niels Tollvold Jr.. Bør is startled when he discovers that his father-in-law is becoming more Norwegian than he is. The father-in-law is about to raise the village's highest flagpole. Bør can't sit still and watch, and that's why the fight and the intricacies are underway.

Executive producer. Filmen beskriver hvordan motstandsmannen Knut Magne Haugland i 1944 opererte en illegal telegrafi-stasjon på Rikshospitalets tak under den andre verdenskrig.

As Haug. On a small green island out in the sea, they live in harmony - until a stranger comes. Like a hurricane this rocks the small society, and a killing lets all hidden forces loose.

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