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Ulla Norgren


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As Waitress. Orvar is a vagabond, walking the country roads and living on sunshine and generosity. One day he decides to find work somewhere to get some money. He becomes a helping hand for seven lumberjack brothers. The big and strong brothers really enjoy themselves, joking with the small and meek Orvar. Orvar does not know that he has inherited a large fortune but the seven brothers do and they begin to treat him with the greatest courtesy. They convince him to write his last will, making them his heirs, and then begin to make plans on how to kill him.

As Model. "Our Lord goes on vacation" - Mr. Schwartz and Mr. White looks like ordinary people but are actually supernaturals. Schwartz is emitted by the Devil to spread evil among the people and the White of God to spread goodness.

As Maja Karlsson. The estate Bokegård has big debts, mostly because the owner Måns Nilsson and his daughter Rose Marie just care about their horses.

As Ann-Sofi. Tailor Ågren in Ebberöd lives with his dominant wife Karolina and their two children. His everyday life would have been problem free if it weren't for his debts.

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