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Václav Vích


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About Václav Vích

Václav Vích is a 124 years old male from Karlsbad, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary [now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic]. Václav is most well known for camera, and has 68 known credits, of which 68 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Václav Vích’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Václav Vích’s movies you should definitely watch Studentská máma (1935) Václav has worked on!

  1. Studentská máma (1935)
  2. Die Sünderin (1951)
  3. The Iron Crown (1941)
  4. The Kidnapping of Fux the Banker (1923)
  5. Erotikon (1929)

1. Studentská máma (1935 Movie)

The best rated movie Václav Vích has been a part of is the comedy, romance, rom-com movie Studentská máma, where they had the role of camera. It has a rating 6.8 on IMDb.

2. Die Sünderin (1951)

Die Sünderin has a rating on 6.7 on IMDb . Václav Vích worked on this drama movie as camera.

3. The Iron Crown (1941)

In The Iron Crown Václav Vích was worked as director of photography. This adventure, fantasy movie has a rating on 6.5 on IMDb.

4. The Kidnapping of Fux the Banker (1923)

This comedy movie has a rating on 6.4 on IMDb. In The Kidnapping of Fux the Banker Václav Vích had the role of camera.

5. Erotikon (1929)

Václav Vích was a part of the movie Erotikon as camera. This drama, romance movie has a rating 7.1 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was Václav Vích born?

Václav Vích’s birthday is on 19 January 1898.

What is Václav Vích’s gender?

Václav Vích is male.

Where was Václav Vích born?

Václav Vích was born in Karlsbad, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary [now Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic].

What is Václav most known for?

Václav Vích is most known for camera. Václav has worked on 68 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Václav Vích’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Studentská máma, which has a score of 0.0.

Václav’s Filmography

Executive producer. It is a love story between a prostitute and an artist. It was one of the first German films to break several taboos: nudity, suicide and euthanasia. In the Germany of the '50s, this caused a lot of negative reactions by the politicians and the Roman Catholic Church. The opposition reached the degree of banning the film and scandalizing it which paradoxically made it one of the landmarks in the history of film.

Executive producer. In the kingdom of Kindaor, traitor Sedesmondo kills his brother, the King of Kindaor, and becomes the tyrant of kingdom. He abandons the prince Arminio to beasts in the woods, but lions don't kill him and breed him as one of them.

Executive producer. Andrea, a beautiful daughter of a railway gateman, is seduced by a rich passenger, who missed his train. Left pregnant, Andrea marries another man and moves to Prague, only to encounter her former lover and recover her former lust.

Executive producer. The gullible buyer Žemla Martin (Francis Smolik) finally opened his dream shop. After a while, you get a lot of friends. Especially the former captain Kyllijána (Vlasta Burian), who come to him to drink brandy debt and sit on a bag of peas, where he talks nonsense. Its debt is starting to grow nicely. Later dupe marry an evil Pavlina Šustrová (Ela Poznerová). It can also bring their calculating mother, widow Catherine Šustrová (Antonie Nedošínská). These two together with a bun Kyllijánem use, but outside him are friendly. Later, when Žemla catches his wife cheating when he has become the father of a foreign child, and when he discovers that the shop is broke and completely vyjedený, poisoning. A best friend Žemlův captain Kylliján happily drunk debt for plum deleted.

Executive producer. In order to placate the angry gods, who have allowed Thessaly to be overrun with barbarian invaders and beset with natural disasters, King Jason takes his Argonauts on a search for the fabled Golden Fleece. Meanwhile, back at home, his scheming regent is plotting to get his hands on the kingdom--and the queen.

Executive producer. An enigmatic woman recruits a gang of specialised criminals to rob a US Army payroll armoured truck bound for Marseilles. However, things don't go exactly as planned.

Executive producer. Two little angels, a boy and a girl, come down on earth to choose their parents prior to birth. They choose the daughter of a retired general as their future mother and an opera singer as their dad. But making the two chosen ones meet, fall in love and marry will prove to be anything but easy.

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