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Wang Fu-Ling


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About Wang Fu-Ling

Wang Fu-Ling is a 96 years old male from Shanghai, China. Wang is most well known for sound, and has 52 known credits, of which 52 are movies, and 0 are TV shows.

Wang Fu-Ling’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Wang Fu-Ling’s movies you should definitely watch The Flying Guillotine (1975), as with 6.0 it is the highest rated movie Wang has worked on!

  1. The Flying Guillotine (1975)
  2. The Adulteress (1963)
  3. The Angel Strikes Again (1968)
  4. One-Armed Boxer (1972)
  5. Dead End (1969)

1. The Flying Guillotine (1975 Movie)

The best rated movie Wang Fu-Ling has been a part of is the action movie The Flying Guillotine, where they had the role of sound. It has a rating on Friendspire of 6.0 and 6.6 on IMDb.

2. The Adulteress (1963)

The Adulteress has a rating on 7.0 on IMDb . Wang Fu-Ling worked on this history, drama movie as sound.

3. The Angel Strikes Again (1968)

In The Angel Strikes Again Wang Fu-Ling was worked as original music composer. This action movie has a rating on 6.2 on IMDb.

4. One-Armed Boxer (1972)

This action, adventure movie has a rating on 6.7 on IMDb. In One-Armed Boxer Wang Fu-Ling had the role of sound.

5. Dead End (1969)

Wang Fu-Ling was a part of the movie Dead End as sound. This action, drama movie has a rating 6.6 on IMDb.

Frequently asked questions

When was Wang Fu-Ling born?

Wang Fu-Ling’s birthday is on 1 January 1926.

What is Wang Fu-Ling’s gender?

Wang Fu-Ling is male.

Where was Wang Fu-Ling born?

Wang Fu-Ling was born in Shanghai, China.

What is Wang most known for?

Wang Fu-Ling is most known for sound. Wang has worked on 52 movies and 0 TV shows.

What is Wang Fu-Ling’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is The Flying Guillotine, which has a score of 6.0.

Wang’s Filmography

Executive producer. The Emperor's armies have developed a new weapon: a thrown blade that can remove someone's head from long distance. As the paranoid Emperor begins decapitating anyone he fears might be a threat, his guard Mau Tang becomes disillusioned with the excesses of his master. He leaves his post and takes up the quiet life of farming and raising a family. Eventually, though, his past catches up with him, and he must find a way to fight the flying guillotine if he is to save his head.

Executive producer. The noted actress Li Li-hua, star of more than sixty films since 1947, beautifully portrays the drugged, then disgraced wife of a peddler in the waning days of the Ching Dynasty. To make matters worse, she’s soon framed for her husband’s murder by her rapist - the son of the local magistrate! And even that isn’t the end of her woes. It’s best to have a box of tissues nearby as two expert directors ratchet up the emotional suspense in this consummate tearjerker.

Executive producer. Lily Ho, a secret agent out to thwart the sale of a powerful explosive to the wrong people. It’s a female, Chinese James bond.

Executive producer. In the mid-sixties Chang Cheh changed the face of female dominated films with his male dominated, violent kung-fu films. Dead End was the start of a new force that lasted 6 years, the first film to star David Chiang and Ti Lung under director Chang's discerning eye. The trouble all begins when Chen Hung-lieh's character disapproves of Ti Lung's character courting his sister.

Executive producer. A mystery caper of devilish fun, Temptress Of A Thousand Faces proves a femme fatale can match any man in wickedness. A mysterious thief has been committing crimes across the city. Always disguised and ever elusive, woman detective Chi Ying cannot find any clues for a good lead. But her reporter boyfriend Yu Ta is always supportive and understanding. Reversing the standard role stereotypes, it is the man here who then becomes the damsel (or dude as the case may be) in distress. Constantly frustrating her police woman foil, the temptress manages to make a game of outwitting her nemesis.

Executive producer. A merciless professional killer is hired by an evil court official to get rid of his opponents. Soon, the assassin discovers that the official was responsible for his father's death and he vows revenge on the official and his supporters.

Executive producer. Comedy of Mismatches begins with widow Sun who single-handedly raises her son Yu Lang (Chin Feng) and daughter Zhu Yi (Li Hsiang Chun). One day, Mother Sun sends her children to the temple, where Yu Lang encounters Hui Niang (Pat Ting). Artist Xu Ya is also at the temple, praying that his daughter Wen Gu (Carrie Ku) will find a good husband. Soon after, Wen Gu encounters nobleman's son Pei Zheng (Wai Mao) and the two fall in love at first sight.

Executive producer. A wealthy womanizer writes a diary about his romantic escapades, but the women with whom he’s been intimate have all been murdered.

Executive producer. Su Fen, a young and frail girl, looked forward to her wedding with her fiancé, Li Kuo-liang. The happy couple's bliss was cut short when war broke out. Kuo-liang was summoned to fight at the front lines. In his absence, Su Fen discovered she had tuberculosis.

Executive producer. Beyond the Great Wall is a true story based on how Wang Chao-chun sacrificed her love and life for the good of the Chinese people during war time fears between China and the Huns.

Executive producer. After the Ming Emperor is overthrown and his infant son put in the care of the Black Dragon Society, a traitorous martial arts clan attacks the society and forces two inexperienced swordsmen to flee with the infant and begin a dangerous journey in search of allies.

Executive producer. The notorious “One-Armed Swordsman” who has spent the last two years retired from the martial world as a simple farmer with his wife. Of course this idyllic life is about to be sliced to ribbons by Chang’s wicked imagination. He concocts a savory setup when he introduces, not one, but eight unique villains known as the Eight Kings of Swords and their sword-wielding entourage for Wang Yu to eventually chop his way through.

Executive producer. Via an IMDb reviewer: "The plot involves a high-tech gang of thieves, a legit jeweler (Tang Ching) caught up in their racket, and a female jewel buyer who's actually a police agent..."

Executive producer. A melodrama about the blossoming love between two music students returning home from abroad and planning to wed. However, both of their parents don't know about it and when they find out, all bliss blasts away as social gaps become an issue.

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