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Xander De Rycke


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About Xander


19 December 1987

Place of Birth:

Gent, Belgium

Xander’s Filmography

As Gevangene. De Kampioenen are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary and want their long-lost original trainer to join them. Meanwhile, an old enemy is released from prison and enters a quest for revenge.

Executive producer. A film about the grandfather of stand-up comedian Xander De Rycke.

As Himself. Uw Zoete 666 was, accordingly to some, the best comedy debute of the last past years. Xander has toured for 2 years with this show, and claimed is position in the Belgian comedy circuit. He's here to stay, and this show proves it!

As Himself. We arrived at the end of Xander De Rycke's unholy stand-up comedy trilogy. The last thing we can do is finish it with a big bang. Lot's of drama, debris and some dirty jokes. Fasten your seatbelts, get ready for Xanders "dénouement"!

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