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10 January 1953

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As Mikowsky. What happened, that 24th of December? This is what officer Chartier wants to find out. To understand, he will have to go back 48 hours earlier to Franck's Christmas eve. Franck is an insignificant drama-teacher by day, but also belongs to a nameless and leaderless militant organisation - the Animal Liberation Front. These characters are bound by a limitless empathy towards mistreated animals, and will have to show courage to complete a mission they have been preparing for months.

Executive producer. A young gay boy, from his birth to his teenage years, in which he experiments his sexuality and his own boundaries, to the day he finally meets his father. In three acts: Act I — L'Annonciation or The Conception of a Little Gay Boy (2011); Act II — Little Gay Boy, ChrisT is Dead (2012); and Act III — Holy Thursday (The Last Supper) (2013).

As Chirurgien. Simon lives in the ruins of a lonely desert farm. He is not, however, alone. Caregiver to a gravely ill roommate from a childhood long past and in regular contact with beings from a far away place, Simon's home life is very full indeed.

Executive producer. Jean-Christophe, about twenty, meets his father for the first time. In a forest where they have decided to meet, reality transforms itself and takes the form of a fantastic tale. For Jean-Christophe, the hour is of disappointment in front of the fantasized father who turns out to be very different from what he had dreamed.

As Le jury. Johan, a talented pianist who lacks confidence, prepares for a major musical competition. Overcome by stress, he takes refuge in the women's toilets where he encounters a young woman who provides him with a different destiny.

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