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Executive producer. A comedy about the love between a doctor who specializes in sexually transmitted diseases and an astronaut, and a covert space experiment.

Executive producer. The film takes place in Kiev during the day. Daniel Pritulyak is serving foreigners as guide, who invents a route for the Americans on the life of an obscure but talented poet Danila Pritulyak.

Executive producer. A meeting with a girl, who was a secretary of the "new Ukrainians", leads the hero to companies involved in illegal business. As a result, he is caught between the mafia, the police and hired assassins.

Executive producer. A model can not believe that happiness came to her in the face of a funny and unmodern, but sincere and selfless casual acquaintance.

As Watchmaker. Slow life in a small seaside town N is suddenly disturbed by a local scandal around a man who has recently passed away. Only his wife and his friend know where he was buried, and they refuse to tell the others, seemingly in accordance to his last will. Each character seeks answers to the questions of their own, but they are searching on the outside, inquiring society and each other, so their efforts are futile. Something is about to happen.

Executive producer. Long time ago Ukrainian hetman sent his treasures to the British bank, hoping that later Ukraine will get rid of the Moscow yoke and then gold will help Ukrainian people. In modern times KGB agents and foreign spies hunt for hetman's descendant - Ivan Polubotko, guy phlegmatic and narrow-minded, to use him to get the treasure.

As Ganzha. At the beginning of the XVII century, events take place preceding the liberation struggle led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. A young boy Pavlo Pokhylenko leaves his native Kaniv to join the Zaporizhian Sich (camp and cossack army) to fight for freedom and the Orthodox faith.

Executive producer. Ukraine. A crowd tries to trample a person into the ground. The verdict was pronounced. Suddenly a baby cried: "Daddy, daddy, do not kill my dad!" And people turned up, fists squeezed out. The sentence did not take place. The hall was light. The journalist who took off this story came out. The discussion of the film ends in a scandal and ends with the death of the author himself, who was killed directly on the doorstep of the cinema. Destroying the "enemies of Ukraine" in the "rear" was the purpose of a small group of a radical nationalist underground.

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