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As Barmaid (uncredited). As Vic Brown vacillates between infatuation and disinterest for his co-worker Ingrid Rothwell, she finds out that she is pregnant and Vic has to reconcile how he thought his life would go with what life actually has in store for him.

As Pretty Girl (Taboo Club). A London accountant (Herbert Lom) forms six gangs into a syndicate which he tries to control with a killer (Sean Connery).

As Woman. Expatriate Englishman Jim Wormold lives in pre-revolutionary Havana with his teenage daughter. Owning a poorly-performing business, he accepts an offer from the British Secret Service to recruit a network of agents in Cuba. Wormold hasn't got a clue where to start, so he decides to manufacture a list of agents and provide fictional tales for his masters in London, and is soon known as the best agent in the Western Hemisphere. However, it all unravels when the local police decode his cables and start rounding up his 'network' and he learns that he's the target of a group out to kill him.

As Mina. When Edgar sees his girlfriend Betty getting up close and personal with his best friend Carl, he murders Carl in a jealous rage and hides the corpse under the floor of his piano room. Comes the night, and Edgar begins to hear strange sounds coming from under the floor...

As Mario's Girl Friend. Unassuming planning engineer David Webb finds himself on the Queen Elizabeth to New York with instructions to negotiate a high-powered loan. His lack of confidence means he is completely out of his depth, at least until he finds his personality changes every day during the hour the ship's clocks stop to make allowance for their westward passage.

As Iracema Freire Campos. A professional hitman returns to Brazil and is hired to eliminate an Argentine Delegate in a Rio de Janeiro convention. Inspector José da Silva realizes the plot and starts to pursuit him.

As Vicky Woolf. Max Varnel’s British mystery thriller. After discovering a famous painting is a forgery, a noted art critic is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Starring Ray McAnally, Catherine Feller and Yvonne Buckingham.

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