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Zamia Fandiño


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About Zamia

Zamia Fandiño is an Internationally recognized Artist and Actress; who has worked as an actress in various countries besides her native Mexico, including Canada, U.S.A., Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France, U.K, and Egypt; venturing in theater, film, and television in equal measure. Among the feature films she has appeared in are "Suave Patria" (Sweet Homeland), "Cantinflas", "Un padre no tan padre" (Not Such A Cool Dad" and "El Lado Oscuro de la luz" (The Dark Side Of Light", "F... Read more


14 September 1980

Place of Birth:

Mexico City, Mexico.

Zamia’s Filmography

Executive producer. Set in the magic and charming town of Veracruz, tells of a writer and poet who decides to comeback to his hometown looking for a teenage love. He will have to face a new reality. His love is a divorced woman, mother of a girl that is not his child. Filmada en la magica y encantadora Veracruz, cuenta de un escritor y poeta que vuelve a su ciudad natal en busca de un amor juvenil. Enfrentara una dura realidad. Su amor es una mujer divorciada, madre de una hija que no es suya.

As Raquel. Oscar and Arthur are two actors without fortune who survive unemployment with a routine street, where one represents the thief and the other to the police. Thanks to this performance are "hired" by Mr. Mauricio Tavares to play a practical joke on dangerous Don Antonio Robledo, a senior executive who suffer a fictional kidnapping for later culminate in a surprise party.

As Maria. While vacationing in Mexico, a couple discovers their son's disappearance is tied to a supernatural curse.

As Mirtala. Mr. Villegas, an old man with old-fashioned thoughts, has to move with his son after he has been kicked out from his retirement home.

Executive producer. Powerful psychological thriller based on the true story of a serial murderer, who for his crimes, was sentenced to the electric chair and survived. The murderer justified his crimes stating he was chosen by God to fulfill the desire for liberation and death of his victims.

As Mónica. A young man who is unable to break up with his girlfriend, decides to hire an agency that specializes in ending relationships.

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