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Zeenat Aman


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About Zeenat Aman

Zeenat Aman is most well known for acting, and has 71 known credits, of which 69 are movies, and 2 are TV shows.

Zeenat Aman’s highest rated movies

If you enjoy Zeenat Aman’s movies you should definitely watch Gol Maal (1979), as with 8.2 it is the highest rated movie Zeenat has worked on!

  1. Gol Maal (1979)
  2. Shalimar (1978)
  3. Dostana (1980)
  4. Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973)
  5. Laawaris (1981)

1. Gol Maal (1979 Movie)

The best rated movie Zeenat Aman has been a part of is the comedy movie Gol Maal, where they had the role of Self (uncredited). It has a rating on Friendspire of 8.2 and 8.5 on IMDb .

2. Shalimar (1978)

Shalimar has a rating on Friendspire of 7.6 and 6.4 on IMDb . Zeenat Aman worked on this crime, action movie as Sheila Enders.

3. Dostana (1980)

In Dostana Zeenat Aman was worked as Toast the Knowing . This drama movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.5 and 6.4 on IMDb .

4. Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973)

This music, action, drama movie has a rating on Friendspire of 7.3 and 7.3 on IMDb . In Yaadon Ki Baaraat Zeenat Aman had the role of Sunita.

5. Laawaris (1981)

Zeenat Aman was a part of the movie Laawaris as Mohini. This action, drama movie has a rating Friendspire of 6.7 and 7.0 on IMDb .

Zeenat Aman’s highest rated TV shows

If you enjoy Zeenat Aman’s shows you should definitely watch The Kapil Sharma Show (2016), as with 7.3 it is the highest rated show has been a part of!!

  1. The Kapil Sharma Show (2016)
  2. Koffee with Karan (2004)

1. The Kapil Sharma Show (2016)

The comedy, talk show TV show The Kapil Sharma Show has a rating Friendspire of 7.3 and 7.3 on IMDb . Zeenat Aman was in this show!

2. Koffee with Karan (2004)

In Koffee with Karan Zeenat Aman was Self. This comedy, talk show show has a rating on Friendspire of 6.7 and 6.5 on IMDb .

Frequently asked questions

When was Zeenat Aman born?

Zeenat Aman’s birthday is on 19 November 1951 .

What is Zeenat Aman’s gender?

Zeenat Aman is female.

What is Zeenat most known for?

Zeenat Aman is most known for acting. Zeenat has worked on 69 movies and 2 TV shows.

What is Zeenat Aman’s highest rated movie?

The best rated movie they have been a part of is Gol Maal, which has a score of 8.2.

What is Zeenat Aman’s highest rated tv show?

The best rated tv show they have worked on is The Kapil Sharma Show, which has a score of 7.3.

Zeenat’s Filmography

Executive producer. Comedian Kapil Sharma interacts with celebrity guests about their latest films while keeping the audience laughing with his wit, humour and assorted skits.

As Self (uncredited). A man's simple lie to secure his job escalates into more complex lies when his orthodox boss becomes suspicious.

As Sakina Begum. During 18th century India, the Marathas emerged as the most powerful empire in the nation until the Afghan King Ahmad Shah Abdali plans to take over India. Sadashiv Rao Bhau is brought in to save the empire from the king which then leads to the third battle of Panipat.

As Sheetal Sahni. Two close friends decide to enter law enforcement, one as a police officer, the other as a lawyer, but their friendship begins to unravel when they both fall in love with the same woman.

As Rajkumari Pallavi. An Astrologer informs Satpal Singh that his nephew will eventually kill him. When Satpal's sister, Maharani Meenakshi, gives birth to twins, he has one thrown from the castle walls, and ...

As Alice Rodriguez De Fonseca. The fashion world meets the underworld in BOOM, written and directed by Kaizad Gustad and produced by Ayesha Shroff under the banner of Quest Films

As Madhu. Ram and Balram are 2 young boys who live with their loving parents. Their scheming uncle, Jagatpal, however kills the boy's father and mother. Jagatpal lies to the boys that their parents have been killed in an accident and promises to raise them himself. He enrolls the younger brother Balram, in school and eventually sends him off to join the police force. The older becomes a mechanic. Jagatpal has a tight hold on the boys, even when Ram is an adult, he still gives all his wages to his uncle and is only allowed to keep a few rupees for pocket money.

As Sheila Enders. Kumar, a thief by profession poses as the son of Raja Bahadur Singh to accept an invitation to the island of Sir John Locksley. The guests include K.P.W. Iyengar aka Romeo, Dr. Dubari, Colonel Columbus, and Countess Sylvia Rasmussen. A stunned Kumar finds out that all of these invitees are master criminals. Kumar's guise does not fool anyone, nevertheless Sir John permits him to stay on. The reason why John has invited them is to find a successor to take his place as he is dying of cancer. He feels that one of his invitees can be trusted to take his place and for this he has arranged for them to steal a ruby (Shalimar) worth 135 crores of rupees. This gem is placed in a secure room within his palace, which is alarmed, and guarded. He challenges one of them to steal the Shalimar - but if anyone fails then they are killed by the security system. Pitted against such veterans, it looks like Kumar has got himself into a bind that he may not come out of alive.

As Julie. Although India obtained freedom from the British in 1947, Goa and it's territories are still ruled by the Portuguese. A group of revolutionaries want a free Goa and are thus wanted by the Portuguese administration. Amongst them are Purandare, Narvekar, and Dinanath, and when Dinanath's whereabouts are known to the police, he escapes with his young son, Ramdas, and goes to their hideout. With the assistance of Purandare they do manage to escape but are shot. A horrified Ramdas watches as his dad is shot dead by Purandare. This is how Ramdas starts hating revolutionaries. Ramdas changes his name to Ronnie, befriends a girl named Julie, and grows up taking to crime as his career. Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

As Fatima. The movie is based on the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, from the One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Tales. The role of Ali Baba is played by Dharmendra and Hema Malini play Morjina.

As Rupa. Rajeev falls in love with Roopa, a beautiful singer who hides the fact that half her face is disfigured. However, he soon discovers her secret after marriage and begins to ignore her.

As Sheetal. After his father's retirement, the onus is on Bharat to look after his Delhi-based family. He has two younger college-going brothers, Deepak and Vijay, and a sister of marriage age, Radha. Bharat is a graduate, but is unable to secure any employment, much to the frustration of his girlfriend, Sheetal. Vijay takes step to secure his own future, by turning to crime, which is strongly opposed by Bharat, and as a result Vijay leaves the house. Mohan is Sheetal's boss, and finds her very attractive. When he proposes marriage, she accepts, and soon both are married. This leaves Bharat devastated, unable to deal with life, and unable to afford the basic needs of Roti (food), Kapada (clothing), and Makaan (shelter), he must now decide to carry on honestly, or otherwise

As Mohini. Left in the care of an alcoholic Gangu Ganpat, young Heera, who named himself after a stray dog, wrestles with life in his young age. Years later, now a young man , he works for Mahendar Singh and is in love with Mohini, who will not have anything to do with him due to his lack of ancestry. Heera is now determined to find out who his parents are, and the only one who can help him is the elusive, alcohol-induced and incoherent Gangu Ganpat.

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