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High Low with EmRata

High Low with EmRata

2022 . Society & Culture, Education . 56 m

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High Low with EmRata
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About the podcast

Hi, I’m EmRata, aka Emily Ratajkowski. Maybe you know me from my work as an actress or model, or maybe you’ve read my bestselling book, My Body. I’m interested in marrying everything high and low brow by talking pop culture and happenings that may seem frivolous in a way that raises big questions. On this podcast, I’ll be talking everything from politics, philosophy, and feminism to sex, TikTok and relationships. Every Tuesday, I’ll host intimate conversations with special guests, including celebs, incredible authors, close friends, and people I admire. In the week’s second episode, I’ll talk about whatever’s happening in the world and what it’s making me think about, including anecdotes, personal opinions and, ideally, some thought provoking questions. Finally, you can subscribe to a third exclusive episode each week where you get to be part of the show. I’ll go through your comments and answer your DMs. My hope is that this series will be a place where you can come to have fun and take part in thoughtful discourse. High Low with EmRata is a Sony Music Entertainment, Somethin' Else, and Bitch Era Media production. Subscribe to ‘High Low: Talk Back’ for exclusive extra episodes every week. Plus, you’ll get all episodes of High Low ad-free. To bring your brand to life in this podcast, email [email protected] Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit






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