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Milk the Cow Podcast

Milk the Cow Podcast

2014 . Society & Culture . 2 m



Milk the Cow Podcast

About the podcast

Milk the Cow podcast: your platform for discussion, and interesting guests across the spectrum of society, culture, news and politics.. Please subscribe, comment and rate good people. It is appreciated. Please like and share our new pages and get involved in the discussion: heck out our new weekly livestream on the Cow Daily YouTube channel in which we talk about things like this and other things. In addition a new series of the podcast lives there with guests such as: Sleaford Mods, Jackie Weaver, Joe Glenton, Darren McGarvey, Channel Rescue, & more LINK: Become a funder of MIlk the Cowโ€™s new independent media organisation Cow Daily via there you can gain early access to all content, gain instant access to the new private Cow Daily discussion forum, create employment and be the reason why something good can emerge from a grey world. #independentmedia All other Milk the Cow links here: Much love to all as ever, MTC X Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Advertising/Sponsorship contact: [email protected]






Milk the Cow Podcast



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