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StartUp Podcast

StartUp Podcast

2014 . Business, Technology, TV & Film . 12 m

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StartUp Podcast
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About the podcast

A series about what it's really like to start a business.









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Annie Spencer image

3 years ago


A podcast that has just kept reinventing itself. Season 1 is by far the best and is the story of a now huge podcast company (Gimlet) podcasting about them setting up the company - gives such an interesting insight into what it takes. When gimlet sold to Spotify, you felt as if you were there with them right from the very start from this podcast. Seasons 2+ take different companies and go inside them with really good reporting and storytelling.


Morten Schroeder image

2 years ago


Super interesting and well done podcast! It’s amazing following first hand encounters of them starting the company instead of hearing them reflect months later because that story has always been polished up. If you’re in a startup I bet you would find this fascinating and VERY relatable! I’ve binged through the first 7 episodes in 2 days. Still on season 1 so maybe I’ll have to moderate my review but so far I’m loving it! Only downside is the ads... there’s a lot of them!


Podcast Review image

1 year ago


Gimlet’s StartUp Comes to an End Blumberg and Lieber struggle to answer the question. They’d book more studios, they say, and hire a dozen great producers, maybe even Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad. But it’s clear they’ve never thought through such a proposition. If money were no object, what would Gimlet dream to create? It’s an interesting question, and the one the podcast ultimately leaves us with. Sure, there’s a final episode wherein the deal’s details are ironed out and the two founders reflect on what changes are to come. But what we’re made to think is that Gimlet has been given a golden ticket. They’ve focused on quality and it’s paid off. This is the end of an era, but the start of what could be a more momentous one. We can only hope that Gimlet stays true to its original mission.


Henry Melzer

1 year ago


I appreciate the rawness and openness who would have thought a podcast about making podcasts would be interesting

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