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The Power of Audio + Science + AI with Jasmine Moradi

The Power of Audio + Science + AI with Jasmine Moradi

2020 . Music, Technology . 1h 13m



The Power of Audio + Science + AI with Jasmine Moradi
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About the podcast

The Power of Audio + Science + AI is a podcast series by Behavioural Sound Scientist Jasmine Moradi to educate Brand Leaders on the power and the future of audio branding. I investigate how Audio Branding offers brands boundless creative opportunities β€” from music marketing to sound architecture, from AI music to consumer psychology and beyond β€” so consumers hear the right sound at the right time and in the right moment.The increasing importance of Audio to the brand marketer has grown multiple in the last few years, and brands have just started recognising the power of sound. This is one medium that you, as a marketer and advertiser, cannot afford to ignore. How are your Audio Assets subconsciously perceived by your customers, and are you measuring the impact?Listen to my intimate and in-depth conversations with my fellow industry colleagues from the MusicTech Startup Scene, Brand Experts, Music Supervisors, Musicians, Engineers and Scientists to learn their background, philosophy and process β€” basically unlocking the secrets behind the power of audio, science and artificial intelligence to succeed with your Audio Branding experience.I am on the mission to increase the value of music by educating brands about the power of Audio Branding in storytelling. Furthermore, to increase the creation process's so that artists get the value they deserve for their magical art.My podcast is for those who want to learn how to apply behavioural science for business success. Tune in!Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.






Jasmine Moradi



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