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A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches

2018 . Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Romance . 43 m

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A Discovery of Witches
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About the TV show

Closet witch Diana Bishop and centuries-old vampire Matthew Clairmont are drawn into a deadly mystery and forbidden romance when a magical book shows up in an Oxford library.






14 Sep 2018

Original Title:

A Discovery of Witches


Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Romance

Episode Length:

43 m


2 wins & 8 nominations


witch, based on novel or book, magic, vampire, romance, demon, witchcraft, interspecies romance

Season Overview

Season 1:

8 episodes · 2018

Season 2:

10 episodes · 2021

Season 3:

7 episodes · 2022

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IMDb image

8 months ago


📣 Top user review: Engaging story with competent acting. No dull moments. I am going to read 'All Souls' triology by Harkness soon.. pretty sure, will be even more exciting to read. The best part is it's not just another magic and supernatural crap, but a perfect blend of history, myths, fiction and romance. What else can one ask for after a tiresome day? It will definitely leave you feeling, 'can't wait for next episode'.


Ang Gray image

8 months ago


It's so bad but so good! 🥲 It feels like a (more mature and 1000x better quality) Twilight vibe in its super intense romance that escalates quickly, but the world the author/director created and the plot is actually really interesting. I also have a weakness for Matthew Goode. But really, he's a great actor. The things the man can do with his face are incredible. Teresa Palmer and the entire supporting cast are also solid, often better than I would have expected, and they feature some award winning and highly trained actors among their ranks. The production value is solid (not Game of Thrones but not Hocus Pocus), the locations are stunning, and the cinematography is often well done. Overall, a solid fantasy show with an unnecessary (but not actually Twilight-bad) level of romance. Also, despite this insane romance, the lead lady still gets to be badass, saves herself, tells people to shove it, etc. She gets to be warm, scared, maternal, passionate, ruthless, intelligent, etc (as do many of the other women in the show, and the men). The characters are actually layered in that sense. And it's good.


Jill Solomon

4 months ago


I enjoyed the books a lot more, but this is still an entertaining enough adaptation.


Melissa Cuesta

6 months ago


Ughhh all of it was sooo amazing!! The acting, the story, the music, the cinematography. Everything was amazing and I loved the ending!


Leah Austria

8 months ago


I personally like the 1st and 2nd second way better than the last but it was still fun to watch. It would have been better if I had not read the series more than a dozen times cause I would have focused on the show more but from someone who has read the series cover to cover so many times there were changes that I was kind of disappointed. But still its a fun watch


Katarína Prokopová

8 months ago


Not perfection itself, but I have emotional connection to this show. Somehow this show was able to hit something in me on another level and now it's my comfort zone. I found it at right time and mindset and I love it with it's flaws and everything.


Lee Boardman image

8 months ago


I gave up on this after season 1... My wife absolutely loves this show and looking at some of the reviews for it I know I’m in the minority here, but I mostly found this extremely dull. The whole thing is very stylishly done, highlighting Oxford as the beautiful city it is, and we also spend a lot of time in Venice, and various other exotic international locations. But it’s the slow burn and the characters themselves that didn’t really do it for me. The vampires are mostly moody, throwing their weight around and showing off their lightning speed and reactions along with their heightened senses. The witches are generally wise and supposedly more powerful, but rarely exhibit any more power than setting something on fire, rattling something, or making it a bit windy to the point where people get knocked off their feet. And the demons… well, the demons don’t really seem to do anything at all, acting and appearing just like normal humans throughout the entire show. There’s a lot of dodgy acting, and as much as I’ve loved Teresa Palmer in other roles prior to this, I don’t really feel she’s well suited here. It’s all just slow burn and forbidden love. Twilight, but with grown-ups and less special effects.


Isabel Ponce

8 months ago


I wanted to like this but it’s just so awkward and cheesy.


Jemma Cross

8 months ago


First two series were engaging and liked it but the third series wasn’t engaging. Shame


Stephanie T image

1 year ago


Teresa Palmer is amazing. A great fantasy romance show.


Nokuthula Thlune

1 year ago


The books are way much better than the series.


Sarah Clarke

8 months ago



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