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Detective Lovesick

Detective Lovesick

2010 . Comedy . 1h 0m




170 total

Detective Lovesick

About the TV show

He was the pride of his police department as the number one armed robbery buster... until he had his heart broken by the sudden flight of a fiancee from his life. Now "Detective Lovesick" finds his crime-fighting mojo and his chance at rising through the police hierarchy slipping away. Spending his days in a desperate search for the love of his life, Detective Lovesick is a man in love with himself and idolizes his drinking buddy, who is a romance psychologist. He loses himself to love easily, even at work, falling for every femme fatale he investigates and after a lot of hair pulling, ending each case with a marriage proposal. "Marry me or be under arrest." But will any woman accept such a proposal? Suspense, comedy and romance all converge in a libido-rich police drama unlike any you've ever seen.




09 Jul 2010

Original Title:

Detective Lovesick



Episode Length:

1h 0m

Season Overview

Season 1:

11 episodes · 2010

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