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Marvel Studios Assembled

Marvel Studios Assembled

2021 . Documentary

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Marvel Studios Assembled
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About the TV show

Go behind the scenes of the shows and movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following the filmmakers, cast and crew, and Marvel heroes every step of the way.






12 Mar 2021

Original Title:

Marvel Studios Assembled




behind the scenes, marvel cinematic universe (mcu)

Season Overview

Season 1:

6 episodes · 2021

Who’s starring in it?

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Logan Harrington image

9 months ago


WandaVision (2021): Such a wonderful behind the scenes look for this show. I’ve loved this from start to finish and for a comic geek like me, it’s always enjoyable to see how it all gets made. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (2021): Such an awesome behind the scenes look at another awesome MCU show! I’m a massive fan of the show and to see how certain things were done and how much time was invested in the series was a treat for a comic geek like myself. Loki (Season 1): Another great behind the scenes look for an MCU show, but with loads of monologues by Tom Hiddleston via his narration and guidance through the show. Really enjoyed the explanation behind Alligator Loki, very unique, especially for a biologist like myself. Black Widow (2021): I always love these behind-the-scenes looks at projects, especially ones such as Marvel that take so much work to create! This episode does a great job of showcasing the production of a film (a first for this series) while also reminding us of the history of Black Widow within the MCU as a whole! What If…? (Season 1): Jeffrey Wright speaking on his role as Uatu was awesome, but him talking about working with Chadwick and hearing his voice again really broke my heart. Chadwick Boseman really is our king. Hearing the team discuss Captain Carter in such detail makes me extremely excited for her future within the MCU. And hearing that her relationship with Uatu is going to grow excites me for season 2! Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings (2021): Simu Liu is genuinely invested in the character of Shang-Chi and it’s so inspiring to see that from an actor. The shared journey between Simu and his character goes to show how this film has truly changed his life and honestly, it makes me even more excited to see where the future of the MCU will go! I cannot wait to see Simu on screen portraying Shang-Chi again!! Hawkeye (2021): I’ve always loved Jeremy Renner’s acting, and his time in the MCU has been a blast. Seeing the extensive cast that has joined the MCU via this character is very awesome (Kate Bishop, Swordsman, Echo, The Tracksuit Mafia, Kingpin)! I’m incredibly excited to see all of these guys return and I love seeing how this show was created. The new challenges tackled with including the amazingly talented Alaqua Cox was super cool to see and I hope to see her continue shining bright through her time with the MCU and her own Echo series coming soon! Eternals (2021): I feel that we got more character development in this documentary than the film itself. Seeing the practical locations and the way Chloe shoots was awesome and I hope those techniques transfer to other MCU projects. Hearing certain actors talk about their roles (Brian and Kumail specifically) shows how absolutely perfect the casting was and I hope each character is developed on their own with plenty of time in the future of the MCU itself.


Tessa De Jong

5 months ago


Love the bloopers! The stories are a bit boring sometimes. And the episode are a little long in my opinion.



4 months ago


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