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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

1975 . Comedy, Music . 1h 7m

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Saturday Night Live
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About the TV show

A late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels. The show's comedy sketches, which parody contemporary culture and politics, are performed by a large and varying cast of repertory and newer cast members. Each episode is hosted by a celebrity guest, who usually delivers an opening monologue and performs in sketches with the cast, and features performances by a musical guest.






11 Oct 1975

Original Title:

Saturday Night Live


Comedy, Music

Episode Length:

1h 7m


Won 86 Primetime Emmys. 207 wins & 541 nominations total


live, sketch comedy, skit, late-night show, live studio audience

Season Overview

Season 1:

24 episodes 路 1975

Season 2:

22 episodes 路 1976

Season 3:

20 episodes 路 1977

Season 4:

20 episodes 路 1978

Season 5:

20 episodes 路 1979

Season 6:

13 episodes 路 1980

Season 7:

20 episodes 路 1981

Season 8:

20 episodes 路 1982

Season 9:

19 episodes 路 1983

Season 10:

17 episodes 路 1984

Season 11:

18 episodes 路 1985

Season 12:

20 episodes 路 1986

Season 13:

13 episodes 路 1987

Season 14:

20 episodes 路 1988

Season 15:

20 episodes 路 1989

Season 16:

20 episodes 路 1990

Season 17:

20 episodes 路 1991

Season 18:

20 episodes 路 1992

Season 19:

20 episodes 路 1993

Season 20:

20 episodes 路 1994

Season 21:

20 episodes 路 1995

Season 22:

20 episodes 路 1996

Season 23:

20 episodes 路 1997

Season 24:

19 episodes 路 1998

Season 25:

20 episodes 路 1999

Season 26:

20 episodes 路 2000

Season 27:

20 episodes 路 2001

Season 28:

20 episodes 路 2002

Season 29:

20 episodes 路 2003

Season 30:

20 episodes 路 2004

Season 31:

19 episodes 路 2005

Season 32:

20 episodes 路 2006

Season 33:

12 episodes 路 2007

Season 34:

22 episodes 路 2008

Season 35:

22 episodes 路 2009

Season 36:

22 episodes 路 2010

Season 37:

22 episodes 路 2011

Season 38:

21 episodes 路 2012

Season 39:

21 episodes 路 2013

Season 40:

21 episodes 路 2014

Season 41:

21 episodes 路 2015

Season 42:

21 episodes 路 2016

Season 43:

23 episodes 路 2017

Season 44:

21 episodes 路 2018

Season 45:

18 episodes 路 2019

Season 46:

20 episodes 路 2020

Season 47:

21 episodes 路 2021

Season 48:

3 episodes 路 2022

Who鈥檚 starring in it?

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Jordi B image

12 months ago


It is a very tough show to rate because the cast makes all the difference. The show goes throw periods of absolute comedic genius and it goes through periods of 馃挬. Currently, the show is on a slump, and unfortunately, it has become more and more unwatchable during the last 5 - 8 years. I will rate it a 6 since it's been a 10 in the past, but it's probably closer to a 1 right now. In any case, this show has launched the career of many comedy greats, and when compared to other sketch comedy shows like "In Living Color" or "Mad TV", it really stands out of the pack. Hopefully, they are able to hire some new funny talent soon. For now, I primarily watch re-runs.


Wyatt Martin image

1 year ago


Hasn't been funny in decades. The original cast and maybe two generations after were great.


Emmy Awards image

1 year ago


馃弳 Outstanding Variety Series (1976, 1993) 馃弳 Outstanding Variety Sketch Series (2020)


Katie Jenkins

3 months ago


One of my favourite shows of all time. So good. It鈥檚 literally hilarious. You鈥檇 be INSANE not to watch this


Fabio Caiazzo image

1 year ago


Some sketches are hilarious, but I think the majority are just ok. I love weekend update though, extremely good writing


JJ Pancakes image

1 year ago


The legend in the comedy TV game. Given how long it鈥檚 been running and the frequency, sure you can expect it to have some down moments. But the sheer amount of comedy, skits, bits and actors who鈥檝e launched careers from SNL seals it forever in the echelon of great comedy.


Markus Mara帽on Straarup image

3 years ago


Best sketch show ever. Just watched the latest one with Brett Kavaunaugh. Omg...


Morten Schroeder image

3 years ago


Never really understood the hype! Sure some of sketches are amazing but they are so far in between that I don鈥檛 have the patience for it


Mohammed Ayaan

1 year ago


Watch the birth of some of the greatest comedians


Fonzie Torres

1 year ago


Seasons come and go but its still funny to me.


Ada Donnelly

2 years ago


Very hit or miss


Wren K

1 month ago


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