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Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss




Undercover Boss
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About the TV show

Under the pretext of a documentary about an unemployed person looking for a job to get back into the workforce, a boss (different in each episode) dresses up and then, under the pretext of a filmed report, carries out short internships in various jobs in the company he runs. He is accompanied by one employee per trade category. The fact that the employees know that they are being filmed can induce a Hawthorne effect. The program ends with the employees who accompanied the trainee being called to the company's general management. The boss lists the criticisms and anomalies, then ends by praising the qualities of his employees: dedication, motivation, etc.




07 Jun 2012

Original Title:

Undercover Boss



Season Overview

Season 1:

4 episodes 路 2012

Season 2:

4 episodes 路 2014

Season 3:

7 episodes 路 2015

Season 4:

4 episodes 路 2016

Season 5:

8 episodes 路 2017

Season 6:

5 episodes 路 2019

Season 7:

1 episodes 路 2020

Season 8:

2 episodes 路 2021

Season 9:

4 episodes 路 2022

Season 10:

1 episodes 路 2022

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